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"Go get the Captain! Tell him he's gotta quarantine the building."
At the Brownstone, while filing Clyde's nails with Holmes, Joan receives a call from her father that her mother Mary, who suffers from Alzheimer's, has taken the car and is missing. (♫ Enya - Only Time ♫) At the 11th Precinct, Captain Gregson and Detective Bell tell Jeff Stanton about the murder of Alexis Garland who they've found he was having an affair with. They've also discovered traces of her blood behind newly pasted wallpaper at his apartment. As Bell calls for a district attorney, he notices a bag sitting unattended. A man sitting near it, Vincent Wong, indicates it's not his and the bag begins to smoke. Bell rushes the bag to "the box", goes into the viewing room, gets an officer to seal the bottom of the door and tells him to report to Gregson that there's been a biological attack. After Gregson locks down the precinct and calls the CDC, he checks on Bell. Bell reports the bomb was triggered by a cell phone and believes whoever set it off is still on the floor.

S06E14-Bell watches bag
There's been a biological attack.
After Joan leaves a message with Gregson that her mother is missing, Mary arrives at the Brownstone, confused. Holmes calls Gregson to cancel the search and learns of the bio-attack. He informs Gregson that the Leon Cartel made an anthrax attack on a Mexican police station and confirms that Major Cases has hit the cartel hard. Holmes offers to contact the cartel for information which Gregson forbids however, Holmes ignores him. The CDC staff arrive led by Bridget Tanaka who indicates they'll be able to decon and release Bell shortly as the attack wasn't chemical. Mentioning the anthrax attack in Mexico, Gregson asks for the cell phone used to trigger the bomb to be processed and given to him quickly. He also tells her that the bomber is likely on the floor with them. Holmes and Watson enter a Leon Cartel nightclub where Holmes asks to see the cartel head, Felipe, and blackmails his nephew into arranging a meeting.

S06E14-Dr Tanaka Gregson
We're gonna need to examine the device.
With Bell released from quarantine, he and Gregson look at the phone used as the trigger and find photos of the precinct on it. However, the timestamp is of no use. Vincent Wong starts having seizures and Bell tells the CDC he was sitting beside the bomb. At the club, Holmes offers information to Felipe Diaz who says that the cartel isn't behind the bio-attack. Calling an unhappy Gregson with the news, Gregson indicates they are going to question civilians on the floor and sends Holmes the photos from the cell phone. Bell and Gregson separately question five civilians who all appear innocent including a high school teacher on crutches, Anthony Daniels. Several of the interviewees deduce from the questions that the bomber is on the floor with them. Daniels says he couldn't have brought the heavy bomb in as he's on crutches, starts to complain of body aches and is led away for treatment. Bell remembers construction on the precinct's roof could have provided an opportunity to bring the bomb in and tries to find a connection between the workers and the civilians.

S06E14-Watson Felipe Holmes
I don't have the answers you're looking for.
Holmes builds a model of the precinct's bullpen so that from the shadow patterns in the cell phone's photos, he can determine which day the pictures were taken. The time, 6:58pm, is visible from a wall clock in one of the photos. Watson discusses her mother's stubbornness as she won't accept help for her Alzheimer's, such as a home care nurse. Holmes says she'll have to demand Mary accept changes. Tanaka shows Bell and Gregson that the bomb was brought into the precinct in pieces and assembled just before it was detonated, eliminating the workers as suspects. Using his model of the bullpen and a light instrument, Holmes finds the date the photos were taken was July 2. Bell's calendar shows that the floor was cleared that date at 6:58pm for a police union meeting, meaning an officer is involved in the bombing.

S06E14-Holmes Watson mockup
I'll spare you a lecture on solar orbits.
After reviewing the records of the officers, Holmes and Watson suggest that Sgt. Sean O'Grady be questioned. O'Grady denies involvement even after admitting to being disgruntled for not being promoted and, he confirms he's going through a divorce. Attempting to look further in to O'Grady, Watson can't login to the precinct's servers. Calling Gregson, he notices officers at the precinct having the same problem. Heading to the server closet, he finds all the towers missing. Asking Tanaka and her staff if the servers were taken for decon, CDC worker Cora thought she saw colleague Bob take them but he was busy treating Daniels. Cora does say someone in a CDC suit took the servers out in a cart. Gregson realizes the bombing was a ruse to cover the heist of the servers, and that the information they contain is worth millions. Tanaka and her staff are questioned in Gregson's office but have alibis.

S06E14-Gregson no servers
I'm gonna have to call you back.
Bell points out that if there was no bio-agent in the bomb, then Wong and Daniels were faking their symptoms and might have a connection to O'Grady. Later, Holmes and Watson enter the precinct and join Bell and Gregson in the conference room where O'Grady, Wong and Daniels are brought in. They relate that all three were going through bankruptcy and had been approached by a repo man they'd dealt with, Milan Jokic, to help steal the servers. Due to his background as a biochemist, Jokic could build a convincing fake bio-attack bomb. O'Grady did the recon by taking photos and, Wong and Daniels smuggled the "bomb" parts into the precinct's bathroom and assembled it. The parts made it through the metal detectors due to Daniel's crutches. Once the bomb went off, CDC protocols would gather everyone in the bullpen, allowing Jokic to enter in a CDC hazmat suit and take the servers for decon without suspicion.

No one was going to die in Mr. Jokic's plan.
O'Grady was assured that no one would be hurt by the bomb but Gregson points out that the information on the servers could be used to hurt undercover officers and informants. All three were found to have plane tickets to leave the country. O'Grady still denies involvement but is then told that Jokic has been arrested and the server towers were found in his garage. Jokic provided details about the plan, including the roles that O'Grady, Wong and Daniels played, in return for a deal with the D.A. Later at the Brownstone, Mary arrives at Joan's request. Joan starts to talk to Mary about the need for her to accept greater care but Mary interrupts that she's already made plans to hire a nurse. (♫ Wildwood Kin - Hold On ♫) She recognizes what Joan is doing for her and is grateful that Joan loves her enough to broach such a difficult subject. Having a good day, she asks Joan where they should go for lunch.

S06E14-Mary Watson
There are going to be more days like yesterday. But not today.



  • Holmes offers information to Leon Cartel head, Felipe Diaz, that would bring down his rival, Russian Doron Kolobkov. Holmes bought heroin from Doron intending to use it on Michael Rowan.[1]


You can't ask someone to hand over the keys to their life. You have to demand them. Your mother's not going to like the news, but at least she's gonna hear it from someone she loves.

— Holmes


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