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"The danger with rulebooks, Watson, is that they offer the illusion that leading a moral life is a simple undertaking, that the world exists in black and white. Welcome to the grays."
— Holmes to Watson
At the 11th Precinct, Captain Gregson addresses his command until an officer brings in a confused young man, Silas Cole. Cole rambles that he's a knight, had to kill his queen and reveals a shotgun in his coat. Pistols are drawn by all the officers, Gregson pleads for Cole to not touch the gun until Holmes asks if he can try something. Holmes is telling these events in the witness stand of a courtroom to the exasperation of prosecutor Cassandra Walker, who doesn't understand how Cole's action are related to the case of James Dylan. Continuing the story, Holmes is able to lure Cole away from the gun with his knowledge of the "Knight's Code." Judge Brewster O'Hare interrupts the story and he and Holmes debate their roles and the meaning of the hearing. O'Hare makes it clear that his role is to make a recommendation whether Holmes and Watson can continue to work with the NYPD due to an incident Holmes is responsible for.

S02E10-Silas Cole and cop
I was dubbed.
The core of Walker's accusations is that Holmes and Watson break the law in the course of investigations, particularly breaking into locations. Holmes denies this and provides several flimsy and creative lies how they've entered sites. Continuing with his story, Holmes describes Cole's interrogation which goes nowhere due to him being schizophrenic. A contact at a pysch E.R. is able to provide Watson with Cole's identity and his address. Bell, Holmes and Watson visit Cole's home and discover a large painting of him dressed as a knight, killing a queen. Bell is able to identify the "queen" as his ex-girlfriend, Rada Hollingsworth. Walker interrupts Holmes' story to get his opinion of Bell. Holmes praises Bell woodenly which elicits sarcasm from Walker. Continuing with the story, they discover Rada dead of a gunshot wound to the chest and Cole's boot prints around her.

S02E10-Bell Watson Silas painting
That guy's in no shape to be dating anyone.
Bell intends to charge Cole for her murder but Holmes doesn't think he did it. Astonished, Walker interrupts and asks him to explain why. He indicates that in his delusion as a knight, Cole would never have destroyed his queen's heart. Watson interrupts the proceedings to fetch Gregson. At a hospital, Watson and Gregson speak to the doctor who operated on Bell. Although she's operated on a gunshot to Bell's stomach, there were complications that may affect the use of his right arm. During a break in the proceedings, Holmes is informed of Bell's prognosis. Gregson advises Holmes to stop taunting Walker with his answers. Holmes tries to appeal to Walker by leaving a quote from her favorite author on her desk. She takes it as a threat but Holmes sincerely says it's a tribute. Continuing the story, Holmes relates that they found Rada had been seeing an oncologist, Dr. Phineas Hobbs. Hobbs indicates that he knew Cole's condition and wished he'd had him committed. He also says that Rada paid for a trial drug treatment program, which was curing her, by cashing in her life insurance, a viatical.

S02E10-Bell in hospital
A blood clot formed in the left ventricle.
At the workplace of the viatical agent, James Dylan, Holmes accuses him of being a felon and a suspect in Rada's murder. Fearing his co-workers will overhear, he asks Holmes how he discovered he was a felon. Walker interrupts and says that he learned Dylan's past from Dylan's phone, which Holmes stole. Holmes lies that he researched Dylan but as the story continues, Holmes is seen with Dylan's phone, loudly accusing him of a weekly appointment with his parole officer. Dylan takes them outside and admits to being a felon and that he was at a bar with a friend the night that Rada died. He begs them not to tell his parole officer. His alibi confirmed, Holmes relates how he and Watson deduced that Cole was not Rada's murderer while playing with Clyde. Cole was summoned to Rada's by cell phone and hour after a neighbor heard a noise that was the shotgun blast. Wondering why the killer would wait an hour to summon Cole, Holmes asks Watson about Rada's blood potassium level.

S02E10-Watson Holmes Dylan
Your presence in a bar is a violation of your parole.
Watson confirms it is high and that perhaps the killer poisoned Rada with potassium and then waited an hour so that her decomposing body would release enough potassium to mask the poison. Testing the fluid in Rada's eyes, which isn't subject to postmortem potassium build-up, proves their theory and frees Cole. When Walker asks why Holmes is smiling, he replies that freeing a mentally ill man has to matter, even if rules are broken to do so. He remarks they've helped out many others at no cost to the NYPD and believes they are due gratitude. Walker sourly says she'll pass Bell the message. In a private discussion, Watson rebukes Holmes for providing blatant lies at the proceedings which she'll have to mimic. Questioning their methods since it led to Bell's shooting, he justifies them by the results. At the proceedings, Walker questions Watson on how they've entered so many crime scenes to which she mirrors the lies Holmes previously told.

006 Tremors episode still of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson
Why do we get to be above the rules?
With no further questions, Holmes asks Watson what steps they took to find Rada's killer. She describes suspecting a medical professional, examining Rada's remains, divided into bags, and finding Rada's heart was obliterated by the gunshot blast. Using a microscope, they discovered Rada's heart was enlarged from her trial drugs. Seeing Hobbs had motive to hide the drug's side effects, he was brought to the precinct for questioning. Seeing Hobbs' shoulder hurts, Holmes posits it was caused by the shotgun kickback. They posit Hobbs called Cole to the scene, convinced him he killed Rada, gave him the shotgun and puts some shotgun shells in his pocket. However, the kickback caused a cut on his finger and his blood was found on the shells. Hobbs confessed, lost his medical license and will be jailed for a long time.

S02E10-Hobbs shot gun green
The kickback will get you every time.
Walker asks Watson to describe what happened after Hobbs confessed. She relates that Dylan approached Holmes and Bell outside the precinct and angrily told them that due to Holmes' loud accusations at his work, he was fired for being a felon and is going back to jail since his boss reported his parole violation. Holmes' sarcastic response causes Dylan to fire a pistol at Holmes, but Bell jumps in the way and is hit by the bullet. The proceedings over except for the recommendation, Watson visits Bell at the hospital. His prognosis uncertain, Bell is scared that without the use of his arm, he won't be able to be a field detective. At the Brownstone, Holmes takes his frustrations out on Bob while Watson persuades him to visit Bell.

S02E10-Marcus shot
You ruined my life, man.
The next day, Judge O'Hare's recommendation to Commissioner Patrick is that the NYPD end its relationship with Holmes and Watson. Walker approaches Holmes and invites him to a support group meeting. Commissioner Patrick visits Bell in the hospital and relates the judge's recommendation. Struggling with the decision, he mentions that ending the relationship with Holmes and Watson could open up all their solved cases. He asks Bell for his opinion. That evening, Holmes visits Bell in the hospital to report that the Commissioner decided to not accept the judge's recommendation. Holmes offers to pay for Bell to receive treatment for his arm from the foremost experts in the world which Bell declines. Bell tells Holmes to not visit him anymore and leaves.

S02E10-Patrick and Bell
You're asking me what you should do?


  • As Cassandra Walker accuses Holmes (and Watson) of entering scenes illegally, flashbacks are seen of them breaking into Victor Nardin's motel room,[1] the McTierney Brothers mortuary to autopsy Councilman Van Der Hoff's body,[2] and Watson's first break-in, of Vanessa Hiskie's apartment.[3]


I hate what happened to you. And whatever role I played in it. That's why I've been avoiding this visit.

— Holmes to Bell



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