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And then the, the roosters, that was the last straw.

— Garby, "A Study in Charlotte"

Trent Garby is the on-again/off-again neighbor of Holmes and Watson next to their Brownstone at #9.


Season 4[]

After many noise issue with their neighbors, Watson discovers the unit has been turned into a short-term rental, an "AwayKay" that encourages partyers and noise. At his florist shop, Watson confronts the owner of the AwayKay unit, Trent Garby, about the noise. Garby is totally unsympathetic as he was forced to move out due to the chaos Holmes and Watson caused when he was living there. Claiming he sent dozens of emails to Holmes which only made the noise worse, and acknowledging that the AwayKay is retribution, Watson asks to see the emails. Later, Garby's unit is destroyed by fire caused by a faulty amp owned by one of his tenants. He sends Watson an email offering his unit for sale as he didn't have proper insurance coverage and can't renovate the fire damage. Watson discovers that a local hotel paid an electrician to start the fire, so Garby can get insurance to pay for the renovation. Offering to put in sound proofing, Watson also gives Garby honey from Holmes' bees and asks him to move back in.[1]

S04E13-Watson and Trent Garby
That's rich, you two complaining about the noise.


  • After Trent's unit is repaired, he moves back in but Holmes is annoyed by the noise Trent and his new girlfriend are making.[2]


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