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They're confused, Joan. You used to be a surgeon. Now you babysit drug addicts.

— Ty to Watson, "While You Were Sleeping"

Ty Morstan is an ex-boyfriend of Joan Watson and works in the district attorney's office.


Season 1[]

Ty has dinner with Watson during her first weeks as Holmes' sober companion. He tries to find out about Watson's latest companion and indicates that he and her parents are worried about her. Watson doesn't appreciate their concern. Later, as Holmes and Watson pull up to the Brownstone in a taxi, Ty is waiting on the steps with a bottle of wine. Holmes admits he hacked Watson's phone and invited Ty to a fake dinner party, obviously to learn more about her. Watson is mortified and explains the situation to Ty who is not impressed as he turned down drinks with the district attorney. Watson leads him away and Ty says Holmes is lucky he didn't slug him for the prank.[1]

S01E02-Ty and Watson
So he's your boyfriend?


  • Liam Danow asks Watson for help from her "friend in the D.A.'s office" referring to Ty Morstan.[2]
  • Ty's last name refers to Mary Morstan, Dr. John Watson's wife introduced in Conan Doyle's The Sign of the Four.


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