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So if we double-pinky promise not to arrest you for saying something we all know is true, are you finally gonna start talking to us like a man?

— Captain Gregson to Wilcox, "Hurt Me, Hurt You"

Tyus Wilcox is the head of "Wilcox Integrated Solutions." His older brother Bonzi Folsom is the figurehead of the South Bronx Killas (SBK) gang.


Season 5[]

Detective Bell and Watson question Tyus after finding his mother owes back taxes and receives blood money from Bonzi. They ask for help understanding how Bonzi communicates with his gang but Tyus claims not to know nor have seen his brother in years. Watson discovers that a complex code is used for SBK's communication, beyond Bonzi's capabilities but not Tyus'. She also finds that competitors of his legitimate business were killed by SBK and ties to one of these killings are made to Bonzi. Tyus is brought in for questioning but again denies ties to SBK. Bonzi is found brain dead from snorting poisoned cocaine. At the hospital, Bell and Watson confront Tyus who denies poisoning his brother. They point out that he's vulnerable now that SBK's figurehead is gone and he threatens them back.[1]

S05E23-Wilcox in box
I'm an innocent man.

S05E23-Tyus threatens
I can't imagine what I'd do to you.

After the Mara Tres gang kills ten SBK members at a street party, Captain Gregson and Watson question Tyus in his office about the upcoming gang war. Tyus won't admit to being SBK's leader but hypothetically says that a gang war would be messy. Mara Tres leader Halcon's sister Carmen is murdered and a video with the body claims SBK is responsible. Gregson brings Tyus into the 11th Precinct and tells him they won't arrest him if he starts talking. Tyus admits that he and Bonzi were partners but they had a rule to never mess with Halcon. Tyus believes that one of his gang might be responsible. He asks if Holmes identified him as SBK's leader to Halcon which Holmes didn't but may if the fighting doesn't stop.

S05E24-Tyus at 11th
Halcon gets business.
Later, Tyus shows up at the 11th Precinct and in exchange for immunity, he gives up everyone in the gang, gives statements on all the gang's illegal activities and will testify. He also claims that Duane killed Carmen. Watson learned that Carmen's murderer had no tattoos while Duane had many. She believes that Tyus was her murderer. The assistant DA won't stop Tyus' deal over the evidence. Watson is furious and her anger deepens when Tyus calls her and says the gang found her name in Shinwell's phone, knew he was a CI and she's the reason he was murdered. Watson deduces in the video with Carmen that she bit Tyus. After retrieving her body from Halcon, Tyus' blood is found in her throat. His deal with the ADA is voided by him lying about who killed her and he is charged with her murder. His statements will be used to dismantle SBK.[2]

S05E24-Wilcox caught
You perjured yourself Mr. Wilcox.


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