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"It's like a horny Alexa."
— Watson about Skyler
At the 11th Precinct, Detective Bell tells Watson that he can't get into a class he needs to complete his master's degree in order to qualify for US Marshals training. Called to the shooting murder crime scene of Bruce Deramore by Holmes, he shows them a high-tech sex doll, Skyler, that was present when Deramore was killed. Since it listens, he's hoping the doll may be able to tell them what happened. At the company that made Skyler, and employed Deramore, Perfect Mate, Holmes and Watson learn from the president, Alden Lubbock, that Deramore designed many of the doll's faces including Skyler's and, that the dolls remember their owner's preferences and search the web for information to discuss topics. Although only the owners can activate the dolls, Lubbock offers to give them access so they can ask her questions directly. At the precinct, Lubbock programs Skyler to respond to Bell but she answers most of his questions with sexual offers and can't give details of what happened when Deramore was killed.

S06E16-Meeting room w Skylar
Would you like to fool around?
Holmes notices that Skyler's features aren't as perfect as the other doll models and they find he made Skyler look like his ex-girlfriend, Nina Hudgins. Meeting Hudgins at the Catholic school she teaches at, she admits that she argued with Deramore about using her face without permission and was suing Perfect Mate to stop making Skylers. She has an alibi but mentions she saw a receipt for a hotel in Deramore's house for check-in the same day he was murdered. Bell meets with Baynes, professor of the class he needs, after discovering that Baynes specifically denied him access. Baynes says he has a problem with the company Bell keeps. At the hotel, Holmes and Watson see that a conference on "The Real Science of Sci-Fi" is wrapping up and speak to one of the presenters, Evan Kowalski. Discovering that Deramore accosted Kowalski while he was presenting, Kowalski exclaims that the plans were real.

S06E16-Watson Holmes Hudgins
It's like revenge porn in 3-D.
Kowalski explains that the plans were for a top-secret government project on teleportation, guesses that Deramore was involved in the plans and angry that they were leaked. At the precinct, Kowalski explains the plans involve sending the code for organic material from one place to another where it is replicated using 3D technology. He obtained the plans anonymously and mentions that Deramore took the plans from him on-stage which he believes got him killed. Reporting to Captain Gregson that since Deramore was an expert in 3D printing, it's likely that he was involved in the plan's creation and they'll be looking into the plan's source. Bell tells Holmes that the reason Baynes won't let him into his class is due to a grudge he has against Holmes when they worked together at Scotland Yard. At the Brownstone, Holmes introduces Watson to Dr. Klaus Ziegler, Switzerland's foremost expert on 3D printing, via video chat.

S06E16-Kowalski Watson Holmes
It's gonna change everything.
Ziegler demonstrates teleportation by reproducing a chocolate bunny which is sent to Holmes and created with a special printer. Holmes points out that this technology has many applications, some which could threaten national security and be of interest to the government. Watson's found that Deramore was a PhD student at Garrison University and has a contact looking into his thesis work. Holmes explains Bell's problem and plans to visit Baynes to apologize while Watson receives info on grad students who worked with Deramore and that his supervisor was Dr. Ken Fukata. At Garrison, Bell and Watson question three grad students who worked with Deramore; Gwen Haeny, Rupert Hong and Phillip Bridwell. Shocked to learn of his murder, they refuse to talk about their work since they signed NDAs. When shown that their work has been leaked, Haeny decides to co-operate. She takes them to a storage closet where the plans are found to have been stolen.

S06E16-Zeigler w bunny
The bunny there is identical to the bunny here.
Bell calls Holmes to report the plan's theft while Holmes discovers that Dr. Fukata has been taken by the US military. In order to question Fukata, Gregson called General Alvero to the precinct and fills him in. As Fukata and the teleporter are now covered by the Invention Secrecy Act, it would prevent him from profiting from his invention. If leaked, he could profit but the penalties for leaking are severe. Believing he killed Deramore to cover up the leak, they ask Alvero to arrange for Fukata to be brought in for questioning. Holmes meets Baynes and apologizes for his abrasive personality when they worked together. However, Baynes is angry that Holmes solved an important case in which a killer was caught before Baynes could. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell tells Fukata that they've traced the leak of the plans to his email. Claiming he's being framed, he admits that when he submitted the patent application for the teleporter, he didn't give his grad students credit. All four sent him angry emails and he believes one of them is the perpetrator.

S06E16-Holmes Baynes
That case would have made my career.
Having looked at the emails the students sent to Fukata, Bell and Watson report to Gregson that none stand out as the murderer and that perhaps all three worked together. Holmes has brought Skyler to the Brownstone to manually go over the contents of her memory. He tells Watson about the encounter with Baynes, he refused to apologize for doing good work and that Baynes is being spiteful. After Skyler mistakes a phrase Holmes says as a request to play a song, Watson notices that the songs Skyler recorded for Deramore were all thrash and death metal, except for one which she thinks can help them catch the killer. The three students are brought to the precinct where they all meet Skyler. Informing them of a song that Skyler recorded when Deramore died, Holmes asks the students to take out their phones. Holmes calls Gwen Haeny's phone and her ringtone is the song. (♫ Anita Ward - Ring My Bell ♫)

S06E16-Criminal caught
I like that song. Do you want to fool around to it?
Bell indicates that he'll obtain a warrant to search Haeny's home for the murder weapon and will find her location from her phone when Deramore was murdered, unless she confesses. Holmes brings Baynes to the precinct where he says Baynes is mistaken about the character of those at the 11th. Praising those he works with including Bell, he's arranged for Baynes to accept a high-paying position as head of security for a large company. This will allow Baynes to quit teaching and Bell can take the class he needs. Baynes snidely says that Holmes will get his way again. Assuring Baynes that he never intended to be his enemy in the past, Holmes threatens that if Baynes continues to be spiteful, he will be his enemy in the future. Bell passes by a storage locker where Skyler calls out to him, claiming to be the murderer. Knowing that Holmes has learned how to program Skyler with messages, Holmes lets Bell know that he's registered for the class he needs. Holmes then asks Bell to bring Gregson to the locker so he can play a prank on him with Skyler. (♫ Anita Ward - Ring My Bell ♫)

S06E16-Skylar in locker
Marcus, will you please help me?




You might have seen me as an enemy before, but I assure you, Baynes I never was. You will not like having me as an enemy.

— Holmes to Baynes



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