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"I've come to the most wretched of realisations, one that might curdle your very blood. You are my friend."
— Holmes to Alfredo
At a support group meeting Alfredo accepts a five year chip but Holmes is distracted by a man at the meeting, Lloyd. Accusing Lloyd of not being an addict and spying on someone at the meeting, Holmes is able to embarrass him into leaving. In an ambulance, Maggie Halpern is comforted by a paramedic. Arriving at a hospital, someone opens the ambulance doors, shoots the paramedic and Halpern begs for her life. Later at the hospital, Detective Bell, Watson and Holmes review the security footage in which the man can be seen shooting the ambulance staff and driving the ambulance away. Grabbing a paper clip, Holmes proceeds outside and retrieves a shell casing from a storm drain. Watson notices the casing looks well-used which Holmes confirms and says they should look for crimes involving shell casings that have been re-used.

S03E21-Alfredo 5 year chip
You guys gave me my life back.
At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that he may be being surveilled and he finds a suspect, Wallace Turk, in a past case that involved re-used ammunition which matches the man in the hospital video. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Turk admits to killing the ambulance staff and Halpern, but won't reveal where her body is. From examining Turk's boots, Holmes deduces that he's recently been in a salt marsh. Later, Holmes surprises Lloyd at his son's band practice having figured out his identity from a shirt Lloyd was wearing at the support group meeting. Threatening to make a scene, Lloyd confesses he was hired to spy on Alfredo who he says is in a lot of trouble. Having found the ambulance from Holmes' lead, Bell shows Captain Gregson Halpern's body, which has been cut open. However, he's determined that Halpern was killed when Turk was in custody, so he must have a partner.

S03E21-Bell Gregson ambulance
He gutted her.
At the Morgue, Dr. Hawes tells Bell, Holmes and Watson that Halpern's throat was slashed before she was cut open. Missing several internal organs which were recently removed, Watson notes how precisely Halpern's stomach was cut. From a piece of plastic Holmes learns was in her stomach, he deduces that the plastic was used to store drugs and that Halpern was a very dedicated drug mule. Halpern's roommate, Paige, is disbelieving when Bell and Watson tell her that Halpern was a drug mule. Indicating how shy she was and that she'd just returned from Brazil, where she'd had gastric bypass surgery, this is verified when Watson views the refrigerator contents. Believing that Halpern was an unwitting drug mule, Bell realizes there's a Brazilian surgeon who needs to be found. At the precinct, Gregson reports that after talking with a Brazilian counterpart, Dr. Bruno Escanso is the culprit who placed heroin in Halpern.

S03E21-Holmes finds drug bag
I don't think Miss Halpern sold her organs.
Having stolen 40 pounds of medical heroin from his hospital, Holmes notes that Turk is his brother-in-law and that there is more than one drug mule. As cartels have their own drug sources, Bell proposes questioning smaller drug lords and determining whether Escanso is in the US and killed and cut open Halpern. Holmes begs off and confronts Alfredo at his home where he accuses him of stealing cars equipped with Castle alarm systems and moving them. Having been fired from working for Castle, Alfredo admits he's been moving the cars as Castle bad-mouthed him within the car alarm industry and lied that he was using drugs. Holmes warns Alfredo that Lloyd is surveilling him and that if caught, he'll go back to jail where he'll likely relapse. Alfredo tells him to stay out of his business and that he's Holmes' sponsor, not his friend.

S03E21-Reviewing Escanso BOLO
Maggie was not the only person that the smugglers killed.
Bell and Watson visit the offices of dentist Marty Ward having discovered that Janko Stepovic, a drug gang leader, uses the offices for his business since they can't be bugged by the government. Initially denying he knows Janko, Ward then admits that he's being coerced into cooperation and he sets up a meeting with him. Bell and Watson tell Janko that they know his supply of drugs is low but if he receives any of the smuggled heroin, the NPYD will apply all its resources to destroying his gang. They propose he help them retrieve the heroin so that his competitor's can't sell it. At the Brownstone, as Holmes reads and watches Clyde, Watson tells him that Janko admitted to having been contacted by the smuggler and has set up a meeting which the police will bust. Telling her of his failure with Alfredo, Gregson calls that the meeting never occurred and Janko has been found dead.

S03E21-With Stepovic
We didn't insult your intelligence. Don't insult ours.
That evening, outside the home of Trisha Dolan, Janko's mistress, Holmes and Watson examine the bodies of Janko and his bodyguard and hypothesize that he was killed by a rival gang or betrayed by one of his own. Alfredo receives a text from Holmes that he's struggling and Alfredo leaves to see him at a support group meeting. At the precinct, Bell is surprised by Ward, whose hand is heavily bandaged, and his lawyer, Sarah Penley. With Gregson, Ward and Penley indicate that a Chinese Triad tortured Ward until he revealed the location of Janko's mistress, who is a patient of Ward's. Having been coerced into illegal acts by Janko, Penley asks for protection and immunity for her client in exchange for information, including the location of the bodies of two other drug mules. Ward says that Janko had dealings with Turk and Escanso and the smuggling was Janko's idea.

S03E21-At Stepovic murder
The timing is highly suspicious.
Later, Gregson tells Watson that the two other drug mules were found and a deal is being worked out for Ward. Ward doesn't know Escanso's location but has promised to reveal all aspects of Janko's operation. Having left several voice mails for Holmes, who didn't show up to the support group meeting, Detective Nash and Detective Bailey meet Alfredo outside his home. Telling him that someone stole twelve expensive cars with Castle security systems and filled a parking lot lift with them, they ask where he was the evening before. Realizing that Holmes stole the cars and called him to the support group meeting so he would have an alibi, Alfredo provides them with the details of where he was. Bell, Holmes and Watson meet Dr. Hawes at the Morgue where Watson tells them that Escanso is still in Brazil. Reviewing Hawes' autopsy of the two drug mules, he points out that after the mules were killed and the drugs removed, their abdomens were filled with rocks, expertly sewn up and the bodies sunk in a pond.

S03E21-Two detectives
They think I did this?
Examining the stitching one of the bodies, Watson notes that the sutures were made with material used by dentists and that Ward may be the killer. Later in Gregson's office, Ward and Penley arrive where Watson shows him a copy of his university yearbook that reveals that he and Escanso were roommates. Accusing him of planning the smuggling and showing him the sutures, Turk's bungling of Halpern's murder exposed his relationship with Janko. Not being able to sell the heroin to Janko, he turned to a Chinese Triad who took the heroin and forced him to reveal Janko's location by cutting off his fingers. The Triad then murdered Janko. With no leverage to keep Turk quiet, Ward lied to them in order to get an immunity deal, which hasn't been completed. Showing him a Chinese Triad member outside the office who they say gave him up, he's pressured to confess and take a protection deal while in prison.

S03E21-Ward confesses
They're right. I am bad at this.
Penley tells Ward it's a ruse but under further pressure, Ward confesses. In "the box", Bell watches as Ward writes his statement. Once completed, Bell lets in an Asian detective who Ward sees is the Triad member and realizes his lawyer was right and that he's been duped. At the Brownstone, Holmes opens the front door where Alfredo shows him the front page of a newspaper with an article on the car thefts. Holmes teases Alfredo that he should be glad that Castle has been embarrassed but Alfredo's miffed that Holmes didn't stay out of his business. Holmes says that he cares about him and ends Alfredo being his sobriety sponsor so they can be friends. Leaving for a support group meeting so Holmes can begin the search for a new sponsor, Alfredo jokes with Holmes and says he's going to have to get used to his funny side.

S03E21-Alfredo and paper
Explain this.


  • Holmes is studying the mysterious Voynich manuscript while Clyde eats.
  • The Castle employee who bad-mouthed Alfredo is revealed to be Neil Kopecky.[1]


Oh, now that we're friends, is it okay if I ask out Joan?

— Alfredo



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