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"He's one of the best guys that I know. Whatever it is, you should tell him the truth."
— Watson to Paige regarding Captain Gregson
Sitting in chairs in a small Manhattan park, Holmes and Watson conduct an experiment with tainted meat until Watson leaves to get food. She runs into a surprised Captain Gregson who uncomfortably introduces Watson as a doctor to his companion Paige Cowan, and leaves. (♫ La Metralli - Prima che il vento ♫) On a street, a town car driver argues with Jason Leary over a parking spot until a woman falls from a building above and crushes Leary. In the Morgue, the woman is identified as 76 year old Rosalyn Graham by Dr. Hawes. Holmes mentions that Rosalyn's neighbors had seen her wandering and confused in the building. Seeing Rosalyn suffered from severe arthritis, Holmes deduces that she was pushed off the building as she was too weak to have moved an ottoman found on her balcony. At the 11th Precinct, Gregson tells Watson that Paige used to be a cop.

S04E15-Gregson introduces Paige
Oh, what kind of doctor?
However, she was part of a scandal that resulted in her quitting. She insisted on their relationship being secret so that her past wouldn't reflect poorly on Gregson. Paige figured out that Watson worked with Gregson and as a result, she broke up with him. At Rosalyn's apartment, Detective Bell notes that her arthritis bottle has the wrong pills in it while Holmes finds blood under the ottoman on the balcony. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that the pills were Clonazepam which induced confusion in Rosalyn. Mentioning Rosalyn owned the building she lived in and was wealthy, her son, Dr. Alan Graham is being sought. Watson tells Holmes that she inadvertently caused Paige to break up with Gregson. Intending to talk to Paige, Holmes heads to the precinct where Alan has arrived. Alan admits to replacing his mother's meds but is shocked to find out that she was murdered, as he thought he caused her death.

S04E15-Graham interrogation
I just wanted her to seem out of it.
Indicating that she changed her will to leave everything to her dog, Alan wanted her to appear incompetent so that the will would be revised. Alan had no motive for killing Rosalyn as her death will prevent a change to the will. Bell and Holmes then question Rosalyn's lawyer, Elliot, who was made trustee of her estate. He was opposed to her leaving the money to her dog as it would result in years of dispute by her heirs. He's also not interested in taking care of her dog, a condition of the will, and is leaving for a job in Chicago. Arriving at the bookstore where Paige works, Watson tries to change her mind about Gregson. Paige refuses though Watson senses that she didn't break up with him due to her past and encourages Paige to level with Gregosn. Meeting Holmes at one of his father's condos, Watson is told that Rosalyn was close to a deal with developer William Hull.

S04E15-Watson Holmes air rights
This is Hull's latest monstrosity.
Hull planned to build a controversial skyscraper near Rosalyn's building but in order to do so, he needed to buy the air rights, the space above her building. With her death and her estate tied up, suspects for Rosalyn's murder include those that opposed Hull's plans. Meeting Hull at the offices of the architect of his intended building, Malcolm Busquet, they initially can't provide any solid leads. As Watson looks through files on the project, she notes that a protest group, "Save the West Side", had an altercation outside Busquet's office. Their leader, Derek O'Neal, would have had his view of Central Park blocked by the development, losing $1M in the value of his unit. Busquet says he forgot about the incident as they're common during all developments. Visiting the "Save the West Side" offices, Holmes and Watson discover that the group has broken up as O'Neal was killed in the office five days before, so couldn't have killed Rosalyn.

S04E15-Building Designs
Straight lines hurt you as a child?
In Gregson's office, Bell reports that O'Neal was alone in the office when he was stabbed and computers were stolen. A print from an expensive, size 11 Italian shoe was found at the scene. Puzzled, as the two murders represent opposing motives in the building development, Bell intends to question Hull further while Holmes and Watson focus on Rosalyn's murder. Later, having looked through materials from the City on Hull's development, Watson is exhausted. Holmes has asked a contact at the Dept. of Buildings for information on additional complaints and Watson tells him her attempt to change Paige's mind failed. Watson notices that at a City Council meeting, O'Neal brought up problems in an environmental study which he couldn't have known about unless he had a mole inside Hull's development team. Watson believes O'Neal's killer stole the computers to retrieve incriminating evidence.

S04E15-In Gregsons office
Could be we're looking at two killers.
After speaking to staff from "Save the West Side", Bell, Holmes and Watson confront Busquet in his office and accuse him of killing O'Neal as one of his employees, Austin Reem, was spying for O'Neal. Admitting he fired Reem but denying murdering O'Neal, he indicates the leaked files would have been made public within weeks and didn't contain sensitive information. However, he's unwilling to provide copies of the files. Leaving, Holmes shows Bell and Watson a photo of Busquet, which he stole from his office, in which Busquet is wearing shoes matching those that left the print at O'Neal's murder. Paige visits Gregson and tells him that the real reason she broke up with him is that she has MS and doesn't want to burden him with the effects the disease will have on her. At the Brownstone, Holmes returns with files from the Dept. of Buildings which contains important information.

S04E15-Paige Gregson
Goodbye Tommy.
He shows Watson that Hull made an announcement that the development will go forward, but will be 23 stories shorter. His contact at the Dept. of Buildings told Holmes that plans for the shorter building were already on file. With the plans to Busquet's office building, Holmes broke in his office and stole copies of the files that Reem leaked. Although they can't be used as evidence, it has shown Holmes that Rosalyn and O'Neal were killed by the same person, who wanted the development to shrink in height. Calling Hull to the precinct, Holmes and Watson show him that Busquet made an error when designing the tall building that would have resulted in its collapse. In order to save face and avoid litigation, he killed Rosalyn, and inadvertently Jason Leary, so that the air rights deal would fall through and force a shorter building design.

S04E15-Hull Holmes Watson
We need your help.
They believe O'Neal walked in on Busquet stealing his computers, resulting in his death. Hull swears ignorance and they ask his permission to use the files that Holmes stole from Busquet's office in order to obtain a warrant for Busquet's DNA. Believing this will be a match for the blood found on Rosalyn's ottoman, they indicate that his compliance will play well with his plans to run for public office. At a café across from the bookstore Paige works at, Watson meets Gregson. (♫ Phillip LaRue - On the Other Side ♫) Having looked into MS, Gregson wants Watson's medical advice before approaching Paige and telling her that he still wants to be with her. Watson tells him what to expect but also that he'll have his friends' support. Seeing Paige return from lunch, Gregson nervously leaves to see her.

S04E15-Busquet green
O'Neal's murder was likely not planned.


  • La Metralli - Prima che il vento plays as Gregson and Paige are on a date eating gelato and Watson runs into them.
  • Phillip LaRue - On the Other Side plays as Gregson waits in a café with Watson for Paige to return to the bookstore she works at.


  • William Hull mentions Holmes and Watson working on a casino deal and accusing him of murder.[1]


And to think, a moment ago you were calling this case boring. I think Mrs. Graham might not just be a murder victim, she might be a murder weapon as well.

— Holmes



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