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Simon's the only family I've got left. I know it's not an excuse. It's just, I didn't know he hurt those girls.

— Violet, "The Illustrious Client"

Violet de Merville works at the pharmacy at Immaculate Heart Hospital. Her brother Simon is a sex slave trafficker.


Season 3[]

During the hunt for the murderer of Melanie Vilkas, Simon de Merville becomes the prime suspect. He's also suspected of being a serial abductor and killer who kidnapped Kitty Winter. Simon is tracked to the house where he runs a sex slave brothel but escapes before police raid the house. Before leaving, he kills an associate and is stabbed in the arm. Holmes is able to deduce that Simon visited his sister Violet for medical treatment. Violet admits to helping Simon but doesn't believe he's a rapist and murderer. Kitty is furious with Violet's indifference to her brother's crimes and later, visits Violet's apartment and physically coerces her into helping police find Simon. She leaves a message for Simon and lets police trace his call to her. However, she shows Captain Gregson bruises from the beating Kitty inflicted on her which results in Kitty's suspension from working with the NYPD.[1]

S03E11-Violet bruises
Violet's bruises from Kitty's beating.



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