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The next time you and I speak to each other, we'll be standing on the courthouse steps, after I'm exonerated of every charge against me.

Wade Crewes is a serial killer. In 1999, he committed three home invasions in three months. In each case, he would tie the occupants up using a pile hitch knot, tie a pillow around their face with a belt, shoot them in the head, and steal the contents of their safe. He would also take one woman's shoe. He was arrested in 1999 by Captain Gregson and his partner at the time, Terry D'Amico, and prosecuted.


Season 1[]

S01E07-Questioning Crewes

"You were expecting us?"

Holmes is called to a crime scene by Captain Gregson where the M.O. matches the crimes committed by Crewes who is still in prison. Gregson believes the crime was done by a copycat killer but when Holmes discovers a woman's shoe is also missing, he believes that Crewes may have an accomplice. Holmes also discovers that the bullets from the crime scene match the ballistics from the weapon used in 1999 which Crewes said he threw in a river. Gregson and Holmes question Crewes at Sing Sing prison where he denies any connection to the latest murders, practices anger management and quotes Tolstoy. He also claims he's innocent of the 1999 murders, that Gregson planted evidence and his attorney wouldn't pursue his alibi, that he was with Carla Figueroa, a woman he was having an affair with. He convinced he'll be exonerated.

Gregson and Holmes visit the Figueroa's where they learn from Carla's son Sean that Carla died years before. Holmes watches the Crewes interrogation tapes from 1999 and notices that a coffee mug handed to Crewes matches one found at a crime scene that had his fingerprints on it. Holmes tells Gregson who then confronts his old partner, Terry D'Amico, who admits to planting the evidence. Another home invasion murder is committed matching the M.O. but evidence is found at the scene which points to a man who was recently released from prison. Holmes believes this is a frame-up as part of a plan Crewes has with his accomplice to free himself. As Holmes watches a news report that Crewes may have been wrongly imprisoned, Crewes quotes Oscar Wilde and Holmes remembers that he was illiterate when he was imprisoned.

S01E07-Crewes enraged

"You framed me! I'm innocent!"

He discovers Crewes worked in the prison library and remembers that the shirt Sean Figueroa wore matches that of the organization who staff and fund the library. Holmes deduces that Sean is Crewes' son and accomplice. After confronting Sean and threatening a DNA test to prove he is Crewes' son, Sean admits to finding out he was Crewes' son from a diary his mother kept. He volunteered to work for the prison library organization to meet Crewes. When Holmes asks the likelihood that Crewes will give Sean up as his accomplice, he confesses to committing the recent murders, frame-up and gives up the pistol and the women's shoes taken from all crime scenes. Gregson and Holmes show the evidence to Crewes who goes ballistic and has to be dragged away by prison guards.[1]


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