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Watson's apartment Elementary intertitle Dwelling
Location: Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City — First Appearance: "Enough Nemesis To Go Around"

Your home Watson, is utterly pleasant.
— Holmes, "Just a Regular Irregular".

S03E07-Apartment exterior
Apartment Exterior.
Watson's apartment is her second apartment which she leased after Sherlock Holmes left NYC for London in 2015. It's located in Chelsea and the apartment number is 6A. It has one bedroom and the large living space is used as a kitchen, living room and home office. Its first appearance is in the Season Three episode "Enough Nemesis To Go Around" and its last appearance is in "When Your Number's Up".


Season Three

Watson's apartment is first seen as she delivers the results of a case to a client whose brother was skimming money from a home renovation business. Watson feeds Clyde whose terrarium is located between the bedroom and bathroom. She meets a neighbor Andrew who becomes her boyfriend. ("Enough Nemesis To Go Around") Watson is seen through one of the apartment windows reading the file Sherlock gave her on Kitty. ("The Five Orange Pipz") Kitty visits the apartment to report on a client she was surveilling for Watson. They then discuss Kitty's background. Later, Sherlock calls and wakes Watson as she's in bed with Andrew. Sherlock visits and meets Andrew coming out of the bathroom. After Andrew leaves, he and Watson discuss Kitty's need for a support group. ("Just a Regular Irregular")

S03E01-Watsons apartment-office
Watson and a client.

S03E03-Watsons apartment bed and bathroom
Andrew exiting the bathroom.

Andrew discusses his involvement with Sherlock on an case pertaining to artificial intelligence with Watson. Later, Andrew has champagne ready in the kitchen and tells Joan that he met his future business partner while working on the case and will be leaving for Copenhagen. ("Bella") Kitty talks to Joan about taking care of Clyde while Watson was in Copenhagen with Andrew. She mentions making friends with a group at a coffee house near The Brownstone. ("Terra Pericolosa") Watson meets with Kim Holder about her missing sister, Jessica. Later, Watson makes a welcome home dinner for Andrew who is returning from Copenhagen. ("The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction")

S03E04-Watsons bedroom
Andrew in the bedroom.

S03E07-Watson dinner
Watson's dinner for Andrew.

After breaking into Watson's apartment, Holmes wakes Watson by making a smoothie with a blender. After reporting that he's found a suspect's grow house, Watson tells him she's going to work for Leda. ("Seed Money") While on the phone with her boss at Leda, Del Gruner, Watson comes home to find Kitty waiting for her (she gave her a key). Kitty recognizes Gruner's voice as the man who raped and tortured her. ("The Illustrious Client") Watson makes dinner for Andrew as he discusses the NYC location for his new business. ("Hemlock") In the wake of Andrew's murder, his father Santhosh brings Watson's items that were in Andrew's apartment and says that he wishes she'd done more to prevent an attack. Later, Sherlock stays with Watson and brings her lasagna. Holmes falls asleep and Watson wakes him by dropping a heavy book on the table by his head. Watson decides she wants to move back to the Brownstone. ("The Female of the Species")

S03E14-Santhosh Watson at apartment
I don't hold you responsible.

Holmes arranges for Luc to move Watson's things back into the Brownstone even though she's hired movers. Later, as Watson goes through the apartment walk-through, she hears that someone has already rented it and a new, high security door lock is being installed. She realizes that Holmes has rented the apartment and confronts him, thinking that he doesn't want her to move back into the Brownstone. Holmes does but rented the apartment to keep Watson's options open in case she is rushing into changes as a result of Andrew's death. ("When Your Number's Up")

S03E15-Luc and Holmes
Désolé, continuez.
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