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"We're not cut off from the world. We're engaged in creating one that's actually worth living in."
— Holmes
In a taxi, Ezra Kleinfelter writes a blog post. He tries to pay for the cab but his card is declined. As government cars close in on his location, he posts his blog, along with secret government documents and runs out of the taxi without paying. Watson and Emily Hankins sit in a children's play park. While Watson checks her phone and responds to dollhouse crime scene photos sent by Holmes, Emily expresses friendly concern that Watson isn't getting any personal time. She gives Watson an early birthday present, a membership to a dating site. At the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson meet a new client, Mr. Mueller. Mueller says he represents a group of citizens concerned about Kleinfelter's safety, given that he has more secret documents he could leak. Mueller would like them to find and deliver Kleinfelter to him, so he can be taken to a friendly embassy. Holmes agrees to take the case and Mueller leaves.

S02E03-Mueller Watson Holmes
You're worried someone's going to kill him?
Holmes provides a photo of Mueller to a friend with facial recognition software and he and Watson follow Mueller. They identify him as Elliott Honeycutt, who works as a VP for the firm that employed Kleinfelter. Holmes believes Honeycutt's firm wants to kill Kleinfelter. Researching Kleinfelter at the 11th Precinct, they discover that he dealt with one journalist, Celia Carroll. Questioning Carroll at her office, she confirms receiving information from Kleinfelter but doesn't know where he's gone into hiding. Leaving, they both believe Carool is lying and stake out her office. While watching Carroll, Watson discusses how their profession makes it difficult to maintain a normal life while Holmes has used Moriarty's betrayal to move on from love. Carroll leaves work and they see her switching bags with the building's security guard. Holmes plans to pickpocket the guard's phone and to prove his adeptness, shows that he has Watson's watch.

S02E03-Watson Holmes watch
You'll need this back.
Having pickpocketed the guard's phone, Holmes discovers that he is a member of a cyber-activist collective "Everyone" and finds a message board, "Jamaica Quay", where he has been in contact with Kleinfelter. Holmes microwaves the guard's phone, concerned that if tracked to their location, Everyone may target them. Since Holmes plans to be on the board all night, Watson heads to bed. Holmes wakes Watson by putting Clyde in her bed. He reports that while debating on the board, he's deduced that a woman, Vanessa Hiskie, is hiding Kleinfelter. Watson picks the lock at Hiskie's apartment and they find her inside, dead. Captain Gregson and Detective Bell arrive on the scene where Holmes informs them there's DNA under Hiskie's fingernails which they believe is Kleinfelter's. However, his DNA isn't on file. Watson notices a box of items including a book from one of his favorite authors.

S02E03-Crime scene
He brought this box with him.
At the Brownstone, Holmes takes a break from arguing on Jamaica Quay while Watson uses her dating site membership. After Watson receives some bizarre phone calls, a deliveryman arrives with many pizzas. Seeing Watson's laptop has a flashing "Everyone" logo on it, Holmes runs upstairs and disconnects all electronics. He explains that Everyone is subjecting them to a "life ruin" as they traced the security guard's phone to the Brownstone and believe they are enemies of Kleinfelter's. Their phones useless, they leave for the precinct where they examine the contents of Kleinfelter's box. Holmes discovers a stamp on the box, "O.C.D", a defunct government agency which maintained emergency bunkers. Believing Kleinfelter is hiding out in one, he brings Watson to the home of Milton Van Kirk. Van Kirk has spent his entire life writing one book and is the foremost expert on NYC.

S02E03-Everyone logo
What is happening?
Van Kirk is able to provide a list of the bunkers and Holmes notices one wasn't on the decommissioned list. In return, Van Kirk asks them to take a copy of his 5,000 page manuscript and provide editing notes. Outside Van Kirk's, Holmes flags down a bicycle cop and has him pass on the message about the bunker to Gregson. Sirens wailing, secret service agents surround them. Accusing them of creating a website containing plans to assassinate the president, they are arrested. Interrogated by two agents for hours, Holmes insists he has no plans to kill the president. The agents refuse to call Gregson on his behalf so he makes them a deal, if they do so, he'll give the identity of a criminal they are trying to catch. Disbelieving, he tells them personal details which astonishes them. Having been released, Gregson sends text to Holmes (who pickpocketed one of the agent's phones) that the bunker is empty, save an Everyone card.

S02E03-At Van Kirks
They must have lost track of it.
Back at the Brownstone, Watson receives a visit from a member of the dating site who is kind and concerned for her safety. On generator power and using their neighbor's wifi, Holmes appeals to Everyone on Jamaica Quay. A user named "Jormungandr" interrupts the messaging and orders the other users to stop communicating with Holmes which they do. The next morning, Watson finds Holmes cooking breakfast in the fireplace. He's discovered that "Jormungandr" is a billionaire software magnate who is an advocate for freedom of information. He has a private jet that is landing in NYC that afternoon, and then heading for Venezuela. Holmes believes Kleinfelter will be on the jet. Staking out the jet with Bell and Gregson, they see a limo approaching and identify Kleinfelter as the driver. When Kleinfelter is arrested, he demonstrates that the identities of US agents will be revealed if he's not allowed on the plane. Gregson confirms that the leak of the info will cause the agents' death and Kleinfelter is set free.

S02E03-Bell Kleinfelter Gregson
I'm still getting on this plane.
As Kleinfelter turns to board the plane, Watson grabs his wrist and warns him they will prove he killed Vanessa Hiskie. Watching the jet take-off, Watson produces Kleinfelter's wrist watch which she lifted from him. Impressed, Holmes asks Gregson to see if the DNA on the watch matches that found under Hiskie's fingernails. He then plans to visit Honeycutt to deal with the problem of the agent's covers being exposed. Holmes surprises Honeycutt in his office and informs him of the murder, blackmail and escape Kleinfelter has committed. Honeycutt's company does not want to release the names of their agents to the government, believing it would ruin them. Holmes appeals to Honeycutt's past as an operative and leaves the choice to his conscience.

S02E03-Holmes Honeycutt
You won't leave those men and women to their fates.
At the Brownstone, a news report shows Kleinfelter being taken into custody. He's confessed to murdering Hiskie in exchange for not being prosecuted for espionage. Not wanting to support a murderer, Everyone has stopped harassing Holmes and Watson. Their phones and computers now working, Watson decides she needs to go out and have a break from detective work. That evening, Holmes sits by the fireplace and reads a letter from Jamie Moriarty. Watson returns from a date and encourages Holmes to not give up on letting someone into his life. (♫ Barbarossa - The Load ♫) As Holmes continues to read the letter, whose contents center on whether trying to know someone is a worthwhile pursuit, Watson sits in bed with her laptop and begins writing "The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes."

S02E03-Watsons bedroom
I shouldn't be the only one who knows you.


  • Barbarossa - The Load plays at episode end as Holmes reads a letter from Moriarty.


  • The dollhouse pictures were based on a book called The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death.[1]
  • At episode end, Watson is seen beginning to write The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes referring to the final set of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. Watson eventually publishes the book.[2]
  • 6 minutes of footage was cut from this episode.[3]


I am, now and forever, post-love. And as such, I'm free to pursue a life of meaning.

— Holmes


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