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"Is there something wrong with me feeling like this is home?"
— Watson to Holmes
At Watson's apartment, Holmes insists on using Luc to move Watson's things to the Brownstone even though she plans to donate most items to charity as she wants to leave memories of the apartment behind. Dana Powell sells her jewelery and then shoots a homeless man, Henry. She then leaves an envelope with cash inside Henry's coat. At the crime scene, Captain Gregson and Detective Bell show Holmes and Watson the envelope found on Henry. It contains a note that rich people are worth more than the poor, a math equation and nearly $4000 cash. Holmes sends a photo of the equation to Harlan Emple who says it is used to calculate victim compensation and was created by attorney Arlen Schrader. At Schrader's office, Holmes expresses disdain for Schrader's profession while Bell realizes the killer "bought" Henry's life using Schrader's formula.

S03E15-Powell first victim
Remember me?
Schrader is angry that the killer is calling negative attention to his practice and provides an ex as a suspect, attorney Erin Chatworth. At the precinct, they learn from Erin that her marriage was ruined due to her affair with Schrader but she indicates that he broke up with her over a plane crash, Aceway Flight 1059. Aceway was exploring Schrader's services for victim compensation but since Chatworth worked for a competing airlines, he dumped her which she's glad for. Gregson tells Bell and Watson that the tabloids received a note from the killer that the price for Henry's life was paid and questioning Schrader's practice. That evening at the Brownstone, Watson can't sleep as it's too quiet. She finds Holmes being uncharacteristically polite by practising single stick on Bob in the basement so as not to disturb her. Holmes informs her that he's reviewed all hate mail sent to Schrader without finding a suspect and believes that one of his competitors may be trying to discredit him.

S03E15-At Schraders
Schrader reduces the value of a person to a dollar amount.
At a support group meeting attended by Dana, Freddy Duncan speaks about his brother, Matt. Afterwards at Freddy's house, Dana has sex with him. As she prepares to leave, he sees her putting cash into an envelope. Seeing he is a smoker, she removes some of the cash and then shoots Freddy in the heart. Viewing Freddy's body in the Morgue, Gregson shows Holmes and Bell that the killer left a note to the CEO of Aceway Airlines, Michael Cardenas, that by killing Freddy, he's been saved money. As both Freddy and Henry had relatives on the crashed Flight 1059, the killer is targeting relatives of those that died on the flight. At her apartment, Watson meets the building manager to get her security deposit back. He tells her that someone has already rented the apartment and when she sees a high security lock being installed, she knows who rented it. In Gregson's office, Cardenas and his attorney Gayle Wilkins, meet Bell, Gregson and Holmes and are told that one of Schrader's competitors may be behind the killings.

S03E15-Holmes Aceway
You know that the killer claims that he's helping you.
Cardenas and Wilkins confirm that they are in discussions with some of Schrader's competitors but that the killings hurt them too. They outline that two approaches to victim compensation are being explored. The first is Schrader's formula which would see eight first class passenger's families receive $10-15M each and the 67 coach passengers, ~$200,000. The second approach is a fixed sum amount in which all would receive $5M. This presents a new suspect pool, the beneficiaries of the coach passengers. At Dana's mansion, she watches a news report on the "Aceway killer" while her sister Penny arrives. An accountant, Penny tells Dana that the bank is going to take her mansion. Dana indicates she's working on a "project" that she'll have to make a bigger fuss on to get a payout. Watson meets Holmes at the Brownstone where he's reviewing an evidence wall of the beneficiaries. She indicates that the same gun was used to kill Henry and Freddy, and was bought at a Virginia gun show. The seller remembers the buyer was white, walked with a limp and Bell is providing him with photos of the beneficiaries.

S03E15-Holmes Watson plane map
This new suspect pool is more viable.
As Watson confronts Holmes that he didn't want her to return to the Brownstone, they're interrupted by a call from Gregson that the Aceway killer tried to kill another beneficiary, Dana Powell. At Dana's mansion, she claims a man in a ski mask shot at her through a kitchen window and then fled over the back fence. Holmes examines the shooter's footprints and notices uneven wear that would indicate a limp. Dana learns police know the source of the gun used and that the gun seller didn't recognize any of the beneficiaries from photos. Holmes also notes that Dana lives only on the ground floor which she attributes to the house being too big since her husband's death on the flight. At the precinct, Watson tells Holmes that the gun seller is with a police sketch artist to try and identify the buyer of the Aceway killer's gun. Holmes struggles with Dana's physically-disabled attacker climbing a fence to escape and that the killer shot Henry and Freddy from close range but shot at Dana from a distance.

S03E15-Holmes points
There are easier points of egress and ingress.
Gregson calls them into his office where they watch a new report of Dana saying she was attacked by the Aceway killer and that she should get more compensation than the families of the coach passengers since her husband was a rich broker. Watson says that Dana's comments will probably force Aceway into a fixed sum settlement. At the Brownstone, Holmes watches the newscast with Dana while Watson reports that Aceway has decided on a fixed-sum settlement. Discovering she was in the grief counseling group with Freddy, Holmes believes she might be the killer but can't explain why she would orchestrate events that would result in a lesser settlement for her. Watson bluntly asks Holmes if he wants her living at the Brownstone. He does and but is worried she's too quickly casting her life with Andrew off too quickly and doesn't want to enable her.

S03E15-Dana on news
Why shouldn't their families receive more?
Holmes receives the sketch of the gun buyer and sees that it looks like Dana Powell's husband, Nick. Watson looks at pictures of the Powells on-line and looking at one in particular, says that Nick's life may not have been worth much after all. Returning to her mansion from a shopping spree, Dana is met by Penny who suspects that Dana may have had something to do with the killings. Dana readies a knife from her kitchen drawer but the arrival of Bell with a warrant results in her putting the knife back. In "the box" at the precinct, Dana and her lawyer are shown that boots found in her house match the footprints she said her attacker made. With the Virginia gun dealer having identified her husband Nick as the purchaser of the gun used in the killings, Watson states that Nick had brain cancer, which is why she lived only in the ground floor as he could no longer walk up the stairs.

S03E15-Powell in box
He only had a few months to live.
It also explains why she arranged for the fixed-sum settlement, as an investigation into Nick's condition using Schrader's equation would result in a small amount. Bell believes that the body of evidence will be enough for a jury to convict Dana. When a deal is mentioned, Holmes asks Dana what type of prison she believes she deserves to be in. A more comfortable one if she admits to her crimes or a harsher one if the case is forced to go to court. Dana ponders the choice. Later at the Brownstone, Watson leads Holmes into the basement via the inside stairs, closes the door behind him and seals the door with a nail gun. Accessing the basement from the outside door, she shows him that the items from her apartment are there. (♫ Yusuf (Cat Stevens) - Cat and the Dog Trap ♫) Admitting he was right and that she was trying to leave her previous life behind too quickly, she's carved out her own space in the basement. This way, she'll still be able to meet with clients and Holmes won't feel that he's enabling a life change that is too rapid.

S03E15-Watson basement
It's not perfect, but it'll be mine.



  • Holmes speaks French to Luc in this episode.


Even having you here the last few days has had a measurable benefit to our process.

— Holmes to Watson