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I'd like to hire you to find it for me.

— Hull to Holmes, "Terra Pericolosa"

William Hull is a real estate tycoon who has plans to run for public office.


Season 3[]

Watson and Holmes investigate the theft of an old map, they meet with Hull who also wants to find the map. He offers to hire them to find the map and reveals that he has information on who may be behind the theft of the map. Holmes refuses to work for Hull and tells Watson the only reason Hull agreed to meet with them was to buy their allegiance.[1]

S03E06-William Hull
So come on, work for me.

Season 4[]

Watson and Holmes question Hull when several people are murdered which are apparently linked to plans to build a controversial skyscaper that Hull's company is the developer for. Holmes discovers that the architect, Malcolm Busquet, made a miscalculation and needed an excuse to have the building be shorter. He murdered a woman who owned a building that Hull's firm had bought the air rights to so that her estate would be tied up in legal battles, forcing the building to be shorter without revealing Busquet's mistake. Holmes revealed this to Hull who agrees to co-operate in exposing Busquet, making Hull the hero and allowing him to run for office.[2]

S04E15-Hull Holmes Watson
Different plans for Hull's building.


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