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Look, I'm doing what guys like me have been doing since the beginning of time. Promising people on that side of the wall that what I'm selling will help them get to this side of the wall.

— Trager, "Alma Matters"

Wilson Trager is the CEO of Fairbridge University, a for-profit education institution which he owns. He cares little for his students or staff.


Season 4[]

A halfway house employee, Lily Cooper, asks Holmes and Watson to look into the shooting of Fairbridge University recruiter, Dennis Hicks. Fairbridge was under investigation by the Dept of Education (DOE) for unfair recruiting practices which landed many of Cooper's ex-con clients in debt with the university. Hicks was a whistle blower whose killing Cooper believes was staged to look like a robbery. She also has a case file on Fairbridge she intends to present to the DOE. After Cooper is found murdered and the file taken from her office, Detective Bell and Watson attempt to question Trager but he acts as if he barely knows about Hicks and Cooper and, has two of his lawyers answer the questions. Later, Holmes arrives in Trager's office unannounced and accuses him of using in-debted, ex-con students to perform criminal acts for him.

S04E10-Wilson Trager
You're a double destroyer of lives.
Trager denies the allegation and tells Holmes that DOE officials just left his office where he worked out a deal to end their investigation into Fairbridge. With no motive to kill Hicks or Cooper, he haughtily asks Holmes to leave. Later, Holmes and Watson interrupt an executive meeting at Fairbridge and show Trager and his staff pictures of various students that Trager has used for arson, assault and murder over the years in exchange for repayment of their student loan. From a photo in Trager's office, Holmes was able to deduce who Trager was using to recruit the students to do his bidding, an in-law, Bradley Mackmain. Trager had Hicks and Cooper murdered as their files would have exposed one of the students. Mackmain confessed to the scheme and Bell arrests Trager in front of his staff.[1]

S04E10-Holmes brings down Trager
Your imagination is running wild.


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