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"We don't want to kill you Holmes. We want to hire you."
As Shinwell looks over an apartment that Watson's sister Lin secured for him, Watson tells Shinwell that his desire to change his life will take time. Having been kidnapped, Holmes is brought to a warehouse by members of the Mara Tres gang. Meeting their leader Halcon, he shows Holmes the bodies of four murdered men, three of his gang members and a smuggler, Reymundo Torres. Indicating that Torres' death will hurt his business, he hires Holmes to find the killer. Examining the scene, Holmes finds a secret cache that is empty but used to contain crystal meth. He is able to deduce that at least five men committed the murders. In exchange for Halcon finding a drug dealer that is selling poisoned heroin, Holmes agrees to find the murderers. Later at the Brownstone, Watson is incredulous with the deal Holmes has made.

S05E02-Smugglers killed
So who did it?
Indicating that Mara Tres set the warehouse on fire after he left, Holmes believes he'll be able to bring down several criminal organizations as he pursues the case. While watching live footage of NYC's ports from a helicopter business owner who owes Holmes a favor, he mentions that he saw prints at the murder scene from boots made in North Korea. Knowing that North Korean ships are registered in Tuvalu, they are able to find a ship and bring its captain, Pak, into the 11th Precinct. With Captain Gregson, Holmes and Watson question Pak who quickly confesses to the meth robbery and murders, however, all of Pak's answers indicate he's lying. Saying that his employers will kill his family if they are implicated, Torres threatened him to stop bringing meth into NYC. Forced by his employers to return, Torres and his men robbed Pak's ship of the meth and a metal box.

S05E02-Watson finds Tuvalu
North Koreans favor the flag of Tuvalu.
Pak came upon the murder scene and the meth, but the box was missing. He doesn't know the box's contents but says it came from a high party official and was very important. Taking Pak's phone, Holmes shows Detective Bell, Gregson and Watson that one of the locations that Pak and his men surveilled trying to find the box, was a home in Woodbury which Holmes believes is for Torres' mistress. Watson meets Shinwell at the Brownstone to have him sign the lease for his apartment. He asks for Watson's help finding his daughter, Chivonne, whose mother is dead. Three men from Taiwan arrive at the door and indicating they know that Holmes and Watson are searching for a box, offer $50M if it is given to them. However, they won't say what's inside the box. Bell and Holmes arrive at the home of Torres' mistress who is a young man named Kyle.

S05E02-Taiwan offer
We would happily pay you a finder's fee.
Distraught to learn of Torres' death, he says Torres had the box and was auctioning off the contents, a heavy green rock with dragons on top. Learning that Torres rested the item on a blotter, Holmes spreads fine sand on the blotter and blowing the sand away, is able to read an impression the item left in Chinese. He identifies the item as the most valuable missing object in human history, the Imperial Jade Seal of China. At the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson review the history of the Seal and surmise that the Taiwanese were one of Torres' bidders. Kyle indicated that Torres met bidders at one of his properties and by reviewing Torres' credit card transactions, Holmes is able to find the property. Visiting it, they see that a metal floor rail beneath a garage door was bent by a very heavy vehicle, a custom-built luxury armored car.

S05E02-Holmes finds impression
The Chinese emperor once traded it for 15 cities.
Holmes deduces that the car belongs to Wayne Vachs, CEO of a large energy company who he looked into years before. Noting that Vachs has a passion for Asian art, they wait outside his office building where Watson relates she's helping Shinwell find his daughter. While questioning the wisdom of helping someone she knows so little, Holmes sees Vachs and a security team heading for his car and are blocked from talking to him by Vachs' security lead. Vachs' lawyer, Ms. Lawler, serves them a restraining order forbidding them to come within 50 yards of Vachs or his properties. At the Brownstone, Holmes comments that Vachs has a history of shady business deals and Watson proposes that Everyone look into him. The daughter of a senior Chinese politician visits and passes on a message that China is willing to pay twenty times more than Taiwan for the Jade Seal. Receiving a call from Halcon, Holmes meets him at a remote location.

S05E02-Confronting Vachs security
He's not interested in speaking with you.
Showing Holmes the dismembered body of the drug dealer who was selling poisoned heroin, Halcon tells Holmes he has two days to find who shot Torres or else he and Watson will be killed. In the kitchen at the Brownstone, as Watson feeds Clyde, Holmes reports that Bell is handling the drug dealer's death and adding it to a case being built against Halcon. Watson shows Holmes what Everyone has found on Vachs. Outside Vachs' building, Holmes uses a megaphone to announce the names of workers killed in a mine collapse due to Vachs' company's negligence. Ms. Lawler tries to stop him but threatening to name co-conspirators, including politicians, who helped Vachs escape justice, she accedes to arranging a meeting with Vachs. Vachs indicates that he doesn't provide funding for politicians anymore and agreed to meet with Holmes as he wants him to find the Jade Seal.

S05E02-Halcon and Holmes
I asked you to identify him, not murder him.
Vachs doesn't care about Torres' murder and claims to be the legal owner of the Seal as he won Torres' auction. Providing letters of provenance that the Seal has been in the US for over a century, prior to an Act that would require the Seal's return to China, Holmes refutes the letter and mentions the Seal was smuggled into the US a week before. Vachs is undeterred, is sure the Seal is genuine and mentions that he was about to pay for the Seal when Torres was murdered. He suggests that one of the losing bidders was responsible for killing Torres. Watson finds Chivonne's guardian, Laila Kalifa, who refuses to let Shinwell into Chivonne's life. Citing his past as a criminal and drug dealer, Laila doesn't believe Watson when she says that Shinwell has changed. At the Brownstone, Holmes has an auction appraiser, C., examine Vachs' letter of provenance which she confirms is a fake.

S05E02-Holmes meets Vachs
I want to help you.
Reviewing a list of the other bidders of the Seal, C. sees a notation which she believes is David Densham, curator of a large charity. From past dealings with him, C. reveals that Densham was recently in North Korea. Speculating that Densham bought the Seal and it was being smuggled into the US for him, when it was stolen, Densham arranged the murders and took the Seal, not wanting to pay for it twice. On the way to Densham's home, Holmes and Watson find police already there and Densham dead from a blow to the head. They're astonished to find that the murder weapon was the Seal and it's still there. In Gregson's office, Holmes and Watson show Bell and Gregson the Seal. Taking ink prints of the Seal to confirm its authenticity, Holmes tells Bell that both Torres and Densham were killed by the same man.

S05E02-Watson C Holmes
He was in Asia with no access to the Internet.
He's also surmised that whoever was behind Densham's murder wanted the Seal to be given to China. Since it was left behind at the crime scene, the federal government would be obligated to deliver it to China under an antiquities act. Having called Wendy to the precinct, Holmes tells her there's a message he'd like her to deliver to her father. Holmes surprises Vachs in his office and shows him a photo of the drug dealer that Mara Tres dismembered. Telling Vachs that he knows that his company is about to be fined hundreds of millions of dollars by the EPA and is almost bankrupt, his company is about to be awarded a contract by China worth billions. Vachs' security head killed Torres and left the Seal with Densham before leaving for Morocco. This would ensure that Vachs would get the contract.

S05E02-Holmes Watson paints seal
Tell me you got permission to get ink on that.
Unable to prove his allegations, Holmes indicates he'll tell Halcon about Vachs' role in the murders, which will certainly result in a savage reprisal from Mare Tres. However, if he confesses his crimes to the police, he'll arrange for Mara Tres to allow justice to take its course. At Shinwell's request, Watson meets him at a park and he shows her that he's found Chivonne but hasn't spoken to her. (♫ Miner - Paper Moon ♫) Watching her play soccer from a distance, he acknowledges that there's a lot he has to change in his life before he can be part of her life. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that Vachs confessed and Halcon agreed to leave both Vachs and them alone. He hangs a framed picture of the Jade Seal's stamp on the wall of the library.

S05E02-Shinwell Watson at park
I'm not going to talk to her. I want to.


  • Miner - Paper Moon plays at episode end as Shinwell watches his daughter Chivonne and tells Watson that it's not the right time to meet her and later, as Holmes hangs the stamp of the Jade Seal on the wall of the Brownstone.


  • Holmes reads and speaks Chinese in this episode.
  • Watson notes that Wayne Vachs applied for a restraining order against her and Holmes at the time when they looked into the Atherton Foundation, a federal office which helps coordinate FBI and Homeland Security investigations with the internal security departments of major U.S. Corporations. Vachs founded and provides most of the funding for Atherton.[1]


I would rather not start a second Chinese civil war.

— Watson



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