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"She's a detective now, Watson, so she's one of us. She needs our help, we give it to her. It's as simple as that."
— Holmes about Kitty
While viewing a suspect in a murder through the viewing window of "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Holmes and Detective Bell discuss the funeral of a lawyer who Holmes worked with in London, Cy Durning. Holmes indicates that he'll be attending Cy's funeral shortly and tells Bell that the murder suspect used a gun that is hidden in his belt buckle. At the cemetery for Cy's burial, Holmes receives a text that Cy was murdered and asked to meet at a gravestone, he's greeted by Kitty who says there'll be more murders. Watson arrives at the Brownstone and is surprised to see Kitty. Kitty discusses a case she worked on with Holmes when in London involving Eli Kotite. An American, while driving a car in London, a drunk Kotite hit and killed a woman and fled the scene. Kitty found Kotite, she and Holmes both testified at his trial where he received four years in prison.

S05E15-Holmes gravestone
You're hardly in a position to mock other people's names.
Kotite was released two months ago and Kitty's discovered that his defense lawyer, the trial's magistrate and now Cy, who prosecuted Kotite, have all died. Kotite was beaten while in prison and is a paraplegic. Reading the obituaries, Watson notices that all three deaths appear to be from natural causes but Kitty believes whoever Kotite hired is a masterful killer. Fearing that she and Holmes may be the next targets, Holmes indicates he'll meet with Kotite while Kitty and Watson talk to Captain Gregson about getting access to materials in Cy's death. Given the manner in which Kitty left NYC several years before, Watson believes that Gregson may arrest her for the burning of Del Gruner but Kitty shakily assures Watson that she wrote to Gregson and resolved any concerns.

S05E15-Kitty Holmes Watson kitchen
And that's when it started happening.
At the precinct, Gregson greets Kitty affectionately, much to her relief. Filling Gregson in on their suspicions concerning Kotite, he arranges for access to Cy's autopsy. Knowing Bell will want to see her, Gregson leaves to get him. Kitty reveals to Watson that she's been working for a group that fights human trafficking and is evasive about where she's staying in NYC. Kitty receives a text and much to Watson's surprise, leaves without seeing Bell. Holmes surprises Kotite at a private men's club and accusing him of being behind the three deaths, Kotite denies involvement. He believes the deaths are karma as he didn't receive justice from the three men and his imprisonment resulted in him being wheelchair bound. At the Brownstone, as Holmes reports his lack of success with Kotite, Watson's found that since Cy's death wasn't suspicious, there's little information in his file.

S05E15-Holmes meets Kotite
What can I say? Dreams really do come true.
She does notice that Cy's right shoe lace was tied differently than the left one. Speculating that he may have injected between the toes with a drug that caused his heart attack, it will be difficult to prove as Gregson has denied exhuming Cy's body. Suspicious that Kitty is keeping something from them, Watson is surprised that Holmes hasn't had any contact with her since she left NYC two years before. Worried she might be manipulating them again, Holmes is unconcerned and insists they focus on helping her. The next morning, Gregson wakes Watson, calling her to come to Cy's grave site. Arriving with Holmes and Kitty, they find that Cy's body has been dug up and burned. Gregson indicates that they'll have his full support looking into Kotite, believing that after Holmes visited him, he arranged for the burning.

S05E15-At Durnings grave
You're saying no one saw anything?
Inside the back hoe used to dig up Cy's grave, Holmes finds grey Caucasoid hair dyed red. Kitty and Watson meet with Dr. Wilkerson, who handled Cy's examination. Showing them her death report, she insists that Cy died from a heart attack brought on by natural causes. She's unfazed when told of Cy's exhumation and when Watson points out that her report mentions a mark between toes on his right foot, which Wilkerson attributes to a flea bite. Leaving, Kitty and Watson agree that Wilkerson lied to them. Kitty receives a text and excuses herself again without saying why she needs to leave. At the Durning home, Bell and Holmes question Cy's wife Kate, who says that Cy died while she was out shopping. Mentioning the dyed red hair found in the back hoe, she remembers a red-haired man in front of their house smiled at her as she drove away just before Cy died.

S05E15-With Wilkerson
You've seen my report, ladies. I have nothing to add.
At the precinct, Holmes shows Bell and Gregson a sketch he drew of the red-haired man Kate identified. While Bell and Gregson plan to circulate the sketch and get a copy of Kotite's phone records, Holmes indicates that he saw the red-haired man at the men's club he met Kotite at. Having followed Kitty, Watson waits until she leaves a brownstone she's staying at. Breaking in, she's attacked by a large woman who she struggles with, smashing a window. The woman pins Watson against a wall and chokes her until Kitty bursts in and tells her to stop. Introducing the woman as Margaret, much to Kitty's dismay, Margaret says she's a nanny and is taking care of Kitty's baby. In the kitchen, Kitty shows Watson her son, Archie. Explaining that she and Archie's dad aren't together, but he is very supportive, she kept Archie a secret as she felt that they won't let her participate in the case if they knew she was a mother.

S05E15-Margaret gets Watson
She's my nosy friend.
Sensing there's more to why Kitty kept Archie a secret, Watson presses and Kitty confesses that after the Kotite case is solved, she plans on quitting investigative work and becoming a full-time counselor for abused women. Knowing how much effort Holmes put into training her to be a detective, she fears he'll be disappointed to hear she's quitting. Watson believes that seeing Archie, Holmes will understand. At the precinct, Dr. Wilkerson is questioned by Bell, Kitty and Watson. Shown the sketch of the red-haired man, she denies knowing him, even when told that a witness saw him at her lab when she was processing Cy. Accusing her of accepting money from him to cover up Cy's murder, she believes they are bluffing and leaves. At the Brownstone, Holmes shows Kitty that Wilkerson received $50,000 from an unknown Cayman account after signing Cy's autopsy.

S05E15-Watson Archie Kitty
Aunty Watson. I like it.
Margaret arrives at the Brownstone and Kitty introduces Archie to Holmes. Dumbfounded, Holmes excuses himself when his phone rings and finds that Kotite wants to meet. Insisting he's not behind the deaths, which he now believes are murders, he has an idea who is behind them. As Kotite's valet brings his van to the front of his apartment building, Kotite falls from the apartment and dies by crashing onto the van's roof. Meeting Bell at the Morgue, while viewing Kotite's body, Holmes is unsuccessful in getting Bell to believe that Kotite was murdered. Having examined the railing on Kotite's balcony, Kitty calls Holmes that she's sure Kotite was thrown off it. Walking back to the Brownstone, Holmes, Kitty and Watson comment on the elusiveness of the red-haired man, who disabled the high-security surveillance system at Kotite's apartment before he was killed.

S05E15-Kotite murdered
He believed in his innocence.
Rounding the corner onto the Brownstone's street, they see FBI agents and soldiers outside. Believing they are after Kitty, Holmes tells Watson to get her somewhere safe while he investigates. Holmes discovers the Brownstone is being raided and all materials inside are loaded into waiting trucks, even Bob. Asking who is in charge, Defense Intelligence Agency Agent Anson Gephardt introduces himself. Seeing that he matches the description of the red-haired man, Holmes shows the sketch to Gephardt and says he's been looking for him. Placing Holmes under arrest, he suggests that Holmes not resist and says that everything will be made clear to him.

S05E15-Brownstone raided
You think the government is behind everything?


  • "The only other Sherlock in NYC" according to Kitty is a chimney sweep named Sherlock Ainsworth who is buried at the Greenwood cemetery where Holmes attends Cy Durning's funeral.
  • Watson mentions Kitty burned Del Gruner's face with acid.[1]
  • The US Army soldiers who raid the Brownstone are wearing the insignia of the 10th Mountain Division which is based in Fort Drum, NY.


He's teething and so on. I would say he's the fussiest man I've ever met, but we both know I'd be lying.

— Kitty comparing Holmes to her baby Archie



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