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I don't think I care very much what a known drug dealer has to say. Hard to imagine a jury will either.

— Agent Diaz, "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"

Xande Diaz was a DEA Agent deep undercover in New York's Dominican cartels, not just consulted when Rhys Kinlan's daughter Emily Grant is kidnapped over money he stole from them, but also revealed to be more involved and informed than they know.


Season 1[]

Emily Grant is kidnapped in her home after refusing to help a delivery guy whose car broke down, being knocked out with chloroform and carted off stuffed in a suitcase, which the delivery guy never notices even though the kidnapper passes right by him. Her father, Rhys Kinlan, a gambling addict and Sherlock Holmes' former drug dealer, visits Holmes two days despite the challenges to Holmes' sobriety, relaying he knows his daughter's been abducted from a video the kidnapper delivered him. According to the email sent in a video, the 2.2 million dollars Kinlan stole from the Dominican cartels is demanded back by the captor, who has no knowledge Kinlan lost it from gambling while he was hiding in Thailand. He has two days to deliver the ransom, being provided a phone where he'll be given instructions on the due date. If he doesn't pay back his debts, or if he calls law enforcement, no matter how he steps out of instructions, she'll be murdered by the captor. Kinlan turned to Holmes not only because he knew him and his talent, but because he found solace in serious faith that Holmes would succeed. This is confirmed when Holmes finds an imprint of a club stamp at the scene from during a struggle, leading them to the Hurrikane ("with a 'k'") nightclub. Holmes picks out the undercover agent among the cartel members, Xande Diaz, who's given away by using mirrors to watch himself everywhere and having new tattoos all of the same age of application. He confronts Diaz in the bathroom, but Diaz tries to play it off with Spanish. When Holmes reveals how he found out, Diaz threatens him to keep quiet, Holmes retorting with he'll blow his cover immediately to the whole club walking outside. Diaz beats Holmes repeatedly as a cover, saying he's a pickpocket, while using that impromptu physical altercation to tell him Reynaldo, the cartel head lounging in the club who Kinlan recognizes, calls the shots and never set up Grant's kidnapping. Holmes is thus confident the Dominican cartel hasn't abcucted her.

S01E15 DEA Found
I'm fairly certain that English is a requirement for agents of the DEA.

S01E15 Diaz Fight
You may be looking into the one crime in this city the cartel isn't behind.

After a mistaken lead from Derrick Hughes, who went bankrupt after the stock market in '08 and seemed like a likely suspect, the kidnapper calls Kinlan and figures Holmes is law enforcement, saying he's watching. Holmes says he's not an official, but the kidnapper shaves twelve hours off the deadline and demands the money at 6pm the next day. As a retaliation, a Styrofoam package is left at the back door to their kitchen. It holds one of Grant's fingers, confirmed when Holmes compares the print to those on her phone. He finds more evidence about her location, like the burn on her finger is from a cast-iron radiator, suggesting pre-war, and that she was given Ethiopian food during her captivity, meaning if ordered as takeout, a restaurant themed as such is nearby. After finding little else even in the captor's video and Kinlan's failed attempt to get Holmes to use again to come up with something, Holmes makes a shocking move and contacts his father, Morland, who arranges the money under a condition of an unspecified debt to be paid later. As Holmes travels to the drop-off point, Agent Diaz arrives at the door saying he has information on the captor. Holmes arrives at the rendezvous to see three cartel members disguised as painters in an ambush. Knowing he had to know the investigation and have ties to the cartel to arrange the ambush in the kidnapping, he realizes Diaz is the culprit responsible. He calls Watson and Kinlan to warn them immediately. They find Diaz has already held then at gunpoint, knowing he's been had.

S01E15 DEA Badge Door
I've uncovered some information about the girl he's trying to find. He needs to know about it right away.

S01E15 DEA Diaz Traitor
Someone who had pull within the organization. Someone who also knew I was investigating Emily's abduction.

He zip-ties the two at the the Brownstone against the banister and admits he wanted Kinlan at the drop point to be killed by the ambush, telling the thugs Holmes' from a rival gang, still demanding the money transfer and saying he'll release all three of his captives, to Holmes' relatable and obvious disbelief. But by then, Kinlan add Watson have already cut from their bonds with Kinlan's present pocketknife, and after a lengthy scuffle, not only is Diaz knocked out with Angus, the phrenology bust, but Kinlan's shot in the stomach beforehand when he tackled Diaz. Holmes immediately calls 911 and the police arrest Diaz. Diaz, in the box, claims all as a story he was working undercover, tracked and tied up Kinlan and Watson, assuming Watson was with the cartel, and shot Kinlan in self-defense, having no idea about Grant's abduction. He apathetically brushes off Kinlan's testimony, saying a jury wouldn't believe a drug dealer and continues his denials. When Marcus Bell and Thomas Gregson say they have squad searching the buildings he narrowed down on where she's kept and he get protective custody if he talks, he stops them just before they leave and admits everything. He's then promptly stripped of his status and rescued, Grant safely being returned to Kinlan in the end, who goes into hiding again with money Holmes provides.[1]

S01E15 Diaz Demands
I told them you work for a rival gang.

S01E15 Interrogation Feigned Ignorance
Look, I'm sorry. I wish I could help.


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