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"When the time comes, if it comes, the problem of Moriarty will be mine and mine alone."
— Sherlock to Morland
Watson is called to the murder scene of Gilbert Pham by Detective Bell. A VP at a large accounting firm, Bell believes the scene has been staged to look like a home invasion. Watson notices signs that Pham was tied to a chair and believes he was tortured and, that his computer should be examined. At the Brownstone, Sherlock and Morland continue to discuss Morland being targeted by the assassin Vanja Borozan. Somewhat skeptical that Moriarty hired Borozan, Sherlock indicates he'll have to verify she's escaped. Morland understands and asks Sherlock to help him kill her. Sherlock meets the deputy chief of MI6, Sir James Walter who gives him all the items found on Borozan and in his hotel room before he committed suicide. Bell interrupts a celebration of a merger between two tobacco companies to inform the executives that Pham may have approved the merger under duress.

S06E11-Morland and Sherlock
I hoped I would never have to make this request.
Questioning the four executives involved in the merger, they all confirm that the deal is good for both companies and all of them were in Akron, Ohio when Pham was killed. Kip Lowell, the president of Summit-Stow, appears to Sherlock to be looking for approval of his statements from a sales manager, Tim Darsha, which he denies. While Pham's accounting report is looked at in more detail, Sherlock believes Darsha is hiding something. At the 11th Precinct, Bell tells Watson that Pham's work checked out and that he was so thorough that it included the amount of cigarette cases moving through Summit-Stows' loading docks. More cigarettes were moving through the docks than the company records indicated and the surplus may have been smuggled to other states where cigarette prices are higher. Bell has obtained sample cartons of cigarettes being smuggled into NYC and they theorize that Pham was killed to prevent revealing the smuggling. Watson takes the sample cartons as she has a way to find out where they came from.

S06E11-Questioning the board
We don’t take alibis at people’s word.
At the Brownstone, Sherlock finds The Nose smelling the sample cartons. Miffed that Watson has asked for The Nose's help over his, he also tells Watson that Moriarty hired Borozan to kill Morland and found a clue to her whereabouts in Borozan's possessions. The Nose reports his findings from which Watson is able to find where the smugglers are bringing the cigarettes into NYC. Bell and a CSU team surround the location, a craft brewery, and are about to move in when Bell is called by Gregson and told to cancel the operation. Tim Darsha, who is really an ATF agent named Bakshi, is behind the smuggling which is a sting operation. At the precinct, Bakshi and Agent Evaneer explain they've been undercover for three years with Lowell's knowledge. Using Summit-Stow, they've sold to many smuggling operations in order to take them down. The merger was a surprise to them and saying they are paid on performance so have no motive to kill to protect the sting, they also believe Lowell has no motive to kill.

S06E11-Watson Holmes The Nose
If you don’t mind, a little quiet, please?
Bell and Watson question Lowell in his hotel room where he indicates that he told Pham about the ATF sting operation. Lowell's office manager, Maggie Foltz, is present and opening her laptop, Watson notices her wallpaper is her with two English bulldogs. Lowell indicates that he and Foltz showed Pham in detail the cigarettes being loaded for the sting and those for the company's business, but didn't tell the ATF about the disclosure to Pham. Watching loading dock videos on Foltz's laptop, Bell notices the two ATF agents are driving very expensive cars. He asks where the money from the smuggling sting goes which Lowell doesn't know. Sherlock enters a café, which he saw Borozan bought coffee from, and sees a painting which he recognizes was made by Moriarty. He smashes a jar and asks the sales clerk to tell Moriarty that he wants to talk. At the Brownstone, Sherlock watches the loading dock videos and Watson informs him that the ATF agents have collected about $30M which is totally unsupervised and they are spending, giving them motive to kill Pham.

S06E11-Bell Maggie Watson
So Pham asked you about the extra inventory?
Sherlock tells her what happened at the café which he believes Moriarty will respond to. Watson asks if Sherlock will help Morland kill Moriarty which he indirectly answers that he has to do something as a war between them would have collateral damage. Bell calls them to a scene where the two ATF agents are found dead having shot each other. A witness says one kept saying "it wasn't me" and Evaneer's phone shows a bank transfer of $26M out of the smuggling fund to an off-shore account. At the precinct, Bell tells Gregson that the transfer was made by someone other than the ATF agents who he also believes killed Pham. After Sherlock and Watson examine the smuggling fund's transactions, they find that past, smaller transfers were made to the same account as the $26M. Other transfers were made to banks all over the US. Gregson identifies that the cities as having ATF field offices and suggests that the agents were being ripped off by their own.

S06E11-Murder scene
Looks like we found their slush fund.
Later in "the box", the ATF agent that was using money from the smuggling fund, Prashant Hobbs, indicates that the money was sent to fund other ATF operations, circumventing Congressional approval. He has an alibi when Pham was killed and indicates that the ATF agents had a helper who would distribute the funds, known only as "Bulldog." Outside, Watson says to Bell and Gregson that the "Bulldog" is Foltz, remembering her laptop wallpaper and, that she knew about the ATF operation. Bell calls the Akron police to have Foltz brought in. Watson calls Sherlock at the Brownstone to report that Foltz disappeared when she returned to Akron. He answers the door to find the café sales clerk, Ellory, who confirms she works for Moriarty. Indicating that matters between Morland and Moriarty are coming to a head, Sherlock says he'd like to discuss his father's death.

S06E11-Ellory head shot
We’re all fish eating other fish.
Later at the Brownstone, Sherlock shows Watson that Foltz likely flew from Akron on a private jet and that despite the use of the smuggling funds to finance other ATF operations, arrest rates dropped. Discovering that the rates dropped when Foltz started working for Summit-Stow, Watson realizes why the rates dropped and how to find Foltz. At the precinct, the head of Washburn Tabacco, Aldo Ventura, the company that merged with Summit-Stow, is told that Foltz used to work for him and left for Summit-Stow to be his mole. Smuggling benefited his company greatly so with her knowledge of the ATF operations, Foltz would tip off smugglers when arrests were planned. They've confirmed that Ventura's jet was used to transport Foltz and fibers from his plane match those found at Pham's murder scene. Ventura is offered a deal for a reduced obstruction penalty in return for giving up Foltz. At the Brownstone, Sherlock tells Morland that he's brokered a deal with Moriarty in which Morland will remain head of her organization until he dies of natural causes. If she breaks this deal, Sherlock has threatened to become the new head.

S06E11-Foltz green
The flight times fit when Pham was shot.


  • The box of Concierge cigarettes Watson holds at 10:55 changes orientation between shots. Also, the cigarettes on the tray The Nose is smelling keep changing orientation from lined up to crooked between shots from 11:20 to 12:00.


Moriarty intends to kill me. I need your help to kill her first.

— Morland