S04E17-Watson Holmes at Superlative Comics

"You've Got Me, Who's Got You?"
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Season: Four — Episode: 17
Director: Seith Mann — Writer: Paul Cornell — Aired: March 20, 2016 — Viewers (millions): 5.28
Summary: When a vigilante dressed as a comic book hero is murdered, it's up to Holmes and Watson to find the man's true identity and locate his killer. Morland tries to charm Watson into doing him a favor.


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I ask you, is there anything more quintessentially American than being gunned down in a place that you're meant to feel safe? Sometimes I think it should be on U.S. currency.
— Sherlock Holmes to Al Baxter


  • Daniel Spaleniak - Back Home plays as Watson blackmails Emil Kurtz.


  • As Holmes describes to Watson the five ways the Midnight Ranger has died in the comics, his personal favorite is "pushed over a waterfall, locked in the embrace of his nemesis." This is the same manner in which Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes "died" in The Final Problem.
  • The company that delivers the Midnight Ranger comics to Holmes is "APD" (Axiom Parcel Delivery), the company featured in "The Female of the Species".


"I was bitten by a radioactive detective."
―Holmes to Ben Garrett


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