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The upside was that I learned a lot about how to deal with people like him. So when I left medicine, companionship seemed like a pretty natural fit.

— Watson regarding Liam Danow

You Do It to Yourself is the ninth episode of Elementary's first season and the 9th episode overall.


Holmes uses his trademark deductive reasoning skills to find the killer of a college professor. Meanwhile, Watson gets a call from a former lover who needs her help.


A middle-aged man stares at a gun being pointed at his face before it is fired. At the Brownstone, Holmes is huddled in a blanket, fighting a bad flu. Despite his condition, he responds to a text from the NYPD in spite of Watson reminding him he isn't paid for his services. In the rain, they meet Detective Bell at a garbage heap where the body of the middle-aged man is lying having been shot through both eyes. Holmes swiftly notes he was killed elsewhere and the man was a professor of Asian studies who'd been to Thailand recently. By the man's tie, he identifies the man taught at Garrison University and a search on his phone identifies him as Trent Annunzio. Later, they interview Annunzio's widow Jun, who is Chinese and much younger than Trent. She says she met Trent in China where she was his student, he brought her to the US where they were married and had a daughter. She can't think of anyone who'd killed him.

S01E09-In Trents office

"Aren't you gonna ask me how I knew that?"

On the way to Garrison, Watson receives a call and goes to Rikers Island Prison to help an old client. At the university, Annunzio's teaching assistant, Brendan O'Brien, shows Holmes and Bell into Annunzio's office. Holmes observes that many items reflect good luck in China. Bell finds mah-jongg tiles which he identifies as membership cards to illegal gambling parlors. At Rikers, Watson meets Liam Danow, a recovering addict. He's been arrested for a hit-and-run that he swears someone else committed with his car. He admits that he was high that night, but would have remembered. He asks Watson to help with her friend at the D.A.'s office, but she refuses. As she leaves, he asks if she treats all her ex-lovers this badly. Watson meets up with Bell and Holmes as they are about to enter a mahjong parlor.

While Bell questions the staff, Holmes learns the details of Watson's trip to Rikers. She declines his help as she's fairly certain Laim's guilty. No one will speak English to Bell until Holmes addresses the janitor who he identifies as the owner in disguise. Holmes asks about a large area that has been bleached and when the owner says a drunk threw up there, Holmes points out the repair of two recent bullet holes in the wall. He then asks for security video from a camera disguised as a smoke alarm which with resignation, the owner provides. The video shows a man with a ski mask robbing the patrons before shooting Annunzio in each eye. Holmes gets the security footage from the hallway in which the killer's face is seen. At the 11th Precinct, Holmes scans mug shots and decries Chinese herbal tea Watson brings for this flu. He's deduces who Watson's client is and leaves his file on the desk. Bell tells them they have the killer and Watson takes the file after they leave.

S01E09-OBrien arrested

"Thank God for stupid people."

There is overwhelming evidence against the killer, Raul Ramirez, who offers to trade information for special consideration. He claims he was hired by someone, who called or texted him, to shoot Annunzio in both eyes when he was leaving the university. Ramirez was tailing Annunzio, saw him go into the parlour and figured he could make more money by robbing it and killing Annunzio there. Later, Bell reports that Ramirez's phone records back his story but the number he was called by is untraceable. However, Watson is able to see an irregularity with the picture of Annunzio sent to Ramirez which Holmes sees is a photo of a picture in Annunzio's office and produces a suspect. In his home, Annunzio's TA Brendan O'Brien, is questioned as he had access to Annunzio's office and, lived near Ramirez. He claims no knowledge but a bad letter of recommendation from Annunzio provides motive and a search of his bedroom reveals the phone used to contact Ramirez. From O'Brien's reactions, Holmes believes he is innocent but O'Brien confesses.

At the Brownstone, Holmes watches the video of O'Brien's interrogation in which he repeats the questions back as answers. He shows Watson O'Brien's on-line records which includes a large number of downloaded songs which Holmes comments are almost all bad. Watson discusses Liam's case and notes that his car was wrecked but Liam had no injuries. She believes he's telling the truth and Holmes tells her of numerous car thefts in Liam's neighborhood where the cars were hot-wired and stripped of valuables. Watson believes Liam left the keys in the car and notes a key-ring pendant she gave him was missing. Holmes has deduced that Liam was Watson's ex-lover and Watson evades his questions due to embarrassment. As she heads to bed, Holmes looks at O'Brien's records and spots a clue. The next morning, he and Bell question Jun at her home. The previous visit there, Holmes saw mix CDs with music he recognized was from O'Brien.

S01E09-Bell Holmes Jun

"It teaches how to beat a suspect, but leave no marks."

Holmes asks Jun if she and O'Brien were having an affair which provides motive and explains that O'Brien's confession would be to protect her. Jun admits to the affair but not to Annunzio's murder. She claims Annunzio was a sadist and a pervert and shows them a torture manual and claims he forced her to perform sex acts which he recorded. She also reveals that they weren't married which Annunzio used to keep Jun silent about his actions lest she be deported. The affair began when O'Brien found her crying and he promised to help her leave Annunzio and marry him. Holmes points out she lied to them before so to prove her story is true, she accesses Annunzio's computer to show them the sex tapes but is shocked to find they are gone. Bell asks her to come to the precinct.

At Rikers, Watson shows Liam the crime scene photos of his car. He apologizes for his unkind words and she asks him why he keeps repeating his past mistakes and using drugs. Liam notices that the keychain Watson gave him is gone. At the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes sitting frustrated among the disassembled remains of Annunzio's computer. He rues accusing Jun as she may be deported and separated from her daughter. To Watson's surprise he asks for more herbal tea. Watson reports that she found the pawn shop where Liam's stolen keychain was sold to and the owner knew the man who brought it in. Once he's found, Liam will be released. Holmes compliments her and she confesses that Liam was never a client. She met him when she was a doctor, his head was smashed when he defended a woman who was mugged. They became lovers and he turned to drugs later. She unsuccessfully tried to help him but learned much about being a sober companion in the process.

Holmes receives Annunzio's autopsy report which notes the presence of two medicinal Chinese herbs in his stomach. The herbs are used to treat eye pain which Holmes believes isn't a coincidence. Watson also remembers a photo of Annunzio in which everyone but he had "red-eye", indicating something was blocking the reflective part of his retina. Holmes says he now knows who arranged Annunzio's murder. Holmes shows Gregson and Bell microscopic photos of cancer cells found in the remnants of Trent Annunzio's eye sockets. The cancer was terminal and very painful. Holmes believes Annunzio planned his own death to get revenge on Jun and O'Brien. Annunzio hired Ramirez to shoot him in both eyes to remove evidence of his cancer, erased the sex tapes and planted the phone her used to hire Ramirez at O'Brien's home. Gregson admits Holmes' theory makes sense but it isn't enough to release O'Brien who has confessed. He also says that Jun is being processed for deportation.

S01E09-Watson Holmes bathroom

"Why didn't he go to this guy first?"

In the morning, Watson finds Holmes has re-created his evidence wall in the bathroom with the hope of fresh insights. Watson notices a map of O'Brien and Raul Ramriez's addresses and wonders how Annunzio found Ramirez. Holmes realizes he used New York's sex offender registry and when he enters O'Brien's address another man, Dennis Kaminski, who lives in O'Brien's building is displayed. Watson asks why Annunzio didn't use Kaminski and Holmes proposes he might have tried. At Rikers, Watson shows Liam a news article in which his car thief has been arrested which clears him of the hit-and-run. Liam is grateful, but Watson says she won't bail him out anymore. She's made an appointment at a rehab clinic and leaves it with him. In Gregson's office, Jun is surprised to learn that Annunzio planned his own death.

Holmes reveals that Kaminski was approached by Annunzio but he was cautious and filmed Annunzio dropping payment money off to his apartment. This is enough evidence to clear O'Brien who is shown into the office. Gregson informs him and Jun that if they get married immediately, the deportation processing will stop. They agree and hug enthusiastically while Holmes praises O'Brien. That evening, contrary to what she said to Liam, Watson waits at the clinic for him. She is surprised when Holmes arrives and offers to keep her company. Liam is nowhere to be seen, and she says she will give him ten more minutes. As they keep a vigil on a bench inside the clinic, she says that Holmes can go if he has somewhere else to be but he offers to stay.


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  • No's "The Long Haul" plays at the end of the episode.


As I explained the other day, there's nothing more hazardous to my health than boredom.

— Holmes


  • Liam Danow asks Watson for help from her "friend in the D.A.'s office," referring to Ty Morstan.[1]
  • Trent Annunzio's damning recommendation letter about Brendan O'Brian mentions his "Horatio Alger can-do spirit."


In other languages[]

Language Title Translation
čeština Czech Na oko[2] "On the Eye"
suomi Finnish Syytä vain itseäsi[3] Same as English title
français French Les Yeux du mal[4] "The Eyes of Evil"
Deutsch German Chinesische Medizin[5] "Chinese Medicine"
magyar Hungarian A szem a lélek tükre[6] "The Eye Is the Mirror of the Soul"
italiano Italian Fare da sé[7] "Do It Yourself"
日本語 Japanese 瞳の中の暗殺者[8] "Assassin in Your Eyes"
русский Russian Ты делаешь это ради себя[9] "You Do It For Yourself"
slovenčina Slovak Na oko[10] "On the Eye"
español Spanish Hazlo por ti mismo[11] "Do It For Yourself"
українська Ukrainian Ти робиш це заради себе[12] "You Do It For Yourself"


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