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You're a murderous hag.

— Morland to Zoya, "A Difference in Kind"

Zoya Hashemi is an Iranian diplomat and a key member of Moriarty's organization.


Season 4[]

S04E24-Watson Morland Hashemi Sherlock

"They wanted you to lead them."

After dismantling a bomb in the Brownstone, Holmes finds the head of his father Morland Holmes' security team wounded. Sherlock deduces where the security head was and finds his father with the body of the bomber. The bomber is linked to Zoya Hashemi. Morland, Sherlock, and Watson visit Hashemi at her country estate. She admits to planting the bomb to implicate Joshua Vikner as she wants him removed from leadership of Moriarty's organization. Sherlock wants to destroy the organization, but Hashemi shows them a board where operations by the organization are in motion. The vastness shows Holmes that bringing down the organization would be very difficult. Hashemi tells them she and others want Morland to lead. Hashemi won't help Morland in his battle with Vikner. Later, Morland agrees to lead and Hashemi has Vikner killed.[1]


Oh, good, we're going to be direct. In that case, I suppose I should start by apologizing for having a bomb placed in your home.

— Hashemi to Holmes and Watson, "A Difference in Kind"

He's reckless, undisciplined. We need a scalpel in that position, not a hammer.

— Hashemi about Vikner, "A Difference in Kind"


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